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Our Bancor Network Token Review

Bancor Network Token -ecoin4dummies

Bancor Network Token is a cryptocurrency liquidity platform. Here anyone can swap tokens, and it is more like converting from one token to another. Let’s take a look further into the latest developments with this Bancor Coin Review. What is Bancor Network Token? On the Bancor network, the prices of the various cryptocurrencies are continuously […]

How to mine MonaCoin Using Nvidia CC Miner and a GPU Mining Rig

how to mine MonaCoin

Depending on your needs, how to mine MonaCoin should be as straightforward as it is. The MonaCoin network uses the proof of work consensus but is ASIC resistance. In that case, mining MonaCoin using GPU guarantees maximum decentralization while making sure the miner remains profitable. But first, What is MonaCoin? MonaCoin is a peer to […]

A Reddcoin Mining Guide: The Social Media Currency

Reddcoin mining or Minting

Mining has increased both as an activity and a topic amongst cryptocurrency enthusiast. More and more people have grown curious about it until it grown exponentially for the past couple of years or so. Here, we will talk about Reddcoin Mining and Reddcoin’s services that you could take advantage of. What is Reddcoin? There are […]

How to Buy Kyber Network (KNC) Tokens from Binance

How to buy Kyber Network (KNC) tokens - ecoin4dummies

Kyber Network is, first of all, a protocol—a set of rules that are based in the Ethereum blockchain that facilitates the instant conversion of digital assets as tokens and coins. Read more below and how to Buy Kyber Network   In simple terms, Kyber Network is but a decentralized exchange with all transactions done on-chain thanks […]

Expert Analysis: GAS Coin Price Prediction 2019

Gas Coin Price Prediction - ecoin4dummies

  GAS is a cryptocurrency. And it is part of the NEO blockchain platform.  The other cryptocurrency of the platform is NEO token. In the NEO ecosystem, the transactions fees must be paid in GAS. Thus GAS has become an essential part of the NEO platform. However, holding NEO tokens gives right to shares on […]

How to Buy Emercoin (EMC)

How to buy emercoin - ecoin4dummies

Introducing Emercoin (EMC) For beginners, Emercoin is a blockchain platform that is in the forefront of innovating, simple, yet easy to use Distributed Software development kits (dSDKs). It is also a cryptocurrency. In simple terms, these software kits that runs via blockchain guarantees speed and efficient but goes along in ensuring fast development of essential […]