All you need to know about Cryptocurrency

ENIGMA (ENG): A Blockchain Privacy And Scalability Solution

what is enigma

In these early years of Blockchain development, two problems became apparent to many. These are scalability issues and glaring privacy concerns. Introducing Enigma coin, which happens to solves both! What is Enigma? Aptly named, Enigma platform is an off-chain network that adds secondary layers of data storage and computation to complement blockchain networks. As a […]

Elastos: The internet on Blockchain

What is Elastos

The Blockchain is a versatile and useful innovation whose functions the tech-world is continuing to explore. As such, altcoins that came after Bitcoin have continued to diversify the use of this innovation in many ways. What is Elastos? Elastos is a self-sufficient ecosystem which gives users complete control over their digital assets. This blockchain-powered Internet […]

Polymath (POLY): The Future of Wall Street

what is Polymath

What is Polymath? Polymath is a one of a kind securities token platform that utilizes blockchain technology to provide users certain important tools. These tools allow users to: Co-ordinate with and between potential investors to boost ICO participation. Launch financial services smoothly on the blockchain. As a result, the blockchain can host legally compliant securities […]

What is Veritaseum (VERI): Where To Buy and Store VERI

what is verisateum

Veritaseum gives investors access to smart contracts and instruments that facilitate management of investments. Besides, the investors can transfer values with other users. This platform seeks to eliminate all intermediaries like middlemen and advisors in the capital markets ecosystem. Veritaseum itself does not claim to replace these services but rather act as a vendor of […]

Where to Spend Bitcoins (UK)

stores accepting bitcoins in UK - ecoin4dummies

After great adoption of cryptocurrencies in some countries in the far east. We can start seeing more and more stores around the world accepting bitcoin and even accepting other cryptocurrencies. We have compiled a list of where to spend bitcoins in the uk, you can also check for more merchants accepting bitcoin in the United Kingdom […]

How GIFTO Works and GTO’s Price Prediction

how gifto works

Gifto is a futuristic platform for making instant payments in the form of virtual gifts.  These gifts have monetary value and serve as payments to online content creators executed through smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. This platform is the brainchild of the Asian Innovations group Ltd. At the moment, Andy Tian serves as the […]

How to Buy Factom (FCT)

How to Buy Factom (FCT)

Factom is a blockchain based platform that works as a permanent unalterable directory and therefore provides a verifiable means of keeping data.  This is because Factom stores data efficiently in the form of hashes on the blockchain and here’s how to buy Factom. As a result, it can secure millions real-time transactions in its fully […]

List of Dead Cryptocurrencies

Dead Cryptocurrencies

The emergence of cryptocurrency has been remarkable to witness. Indeed, it is a testament to the wonders of technology combined with market-relevant solutions. That said, the process an individual altcoin goes through to become a fully-fledged coin is long-drawn and painstaking. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is a whole lot of […]

Merchants That Accept Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies

merchants accepting cryptocurrency

Following the great interest of people in our top merchants accepting bitcoin, we have decided to create same lists for other coins, like merchants that accept ethereum, merchants that accept litecoin, and basically any merchants that accept cryptocurrency as a payment option on their site. There are plenty of merchants that accept ethereum, or merchants […]