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Coinbase Obtains E-Money License in the UK

Coinbase Obtains E-Money License in the UK

The Financial Conduct Authority of UK has granted Coinbase e-money license that lets the wallet and exchange platform to do fiat activities. And that means users can sit back that their funds would be more secure. But the license does not apply to Cryptocurrencies or crypto assets. So, if the company gets into any sort […]

Binance to launch a Decentralized Exchange

binace decentrallized exchange, binance chain

The cryptocurrency exchange Binance rose to the fame within six months of its launch, and it is not stopping there. On 13 March 2018, the exchange announced in a public statement that Binance plans to launch a decentralized exchange by implementing a new blockchain called Binance chain. The blockchain will be responsible for trading and […]

Ledger Nano S Updates Its Firmware

Ledger Nano S Firmware Update

A cryptocurrency wallet is any online or offline software that secures your private keys. It is that simple. The blockchain protocol mandates regular coin release whenever validation of blocks happens. In the crypto world, you must secure your coin’s private since it legitimizes transactions within the blockchain network. Ledger Nano S Wallets are Secure There […]

Genesis Trading – Lend Bitcoin to Businesses

Genesis Lending

Genesis Trading has a new arm for cryptocurrencies lending. Don’t get too excited though. This service is only available for institutional investors and businesses. For those who might not be aware, Genesis Trading is an institutional market maker. It is a  division of SecondMarket Inc which is wholly owned by DCG group. DCG Group aims […]

How to Buy Bitcoin Cash

What is Bitcoin Cash

It wasn’t until August 1, 2017 that we had Bitcoin Cash, symbol BCH. So far, this free Bitcoin dividend is proving lucrative. In fact, statistics shows that there is growing demand for this Bitcoin alternative and it is no surprise that it’s the 4th most valuable and liquid coin in the world with a staggering […]

Regulator Unhappy with Seven Cryptocurrency Exchanges


On 8 March 2018, the Financial Services Agencies (FSA), which oversees the securities and exchange operations in Japan, took charges on seven exchanges. The reasons were these exchanges failed to follow strict rules on money laundering, bad users’ fund safety, and inadequate internal policies. Five cryptocurrency exchanges – Tech Bureau, GMO Coin, Bicrements, Mr. Exchnage, […]

Ethereum Foundation Announced Beneficiaries

ethereum foundation

Ethereum Foundation is the governing body behind the Ethereum project. On 7 March 2018, it has announced millions in grants to support and encourage developers across various projects. Two months ago, the decision was only to support the projects which focus on improving the Ethereum scalability. Later, the focus broadened to encourage projects across security […]