Mithril (MITH) Coin Price Prediction

Mithril Coin is essentially a blockchain based platform that has the outline of a social media network. The network primarily functions by rewarding content creators. Mithril executes all social mining-related transactions using Ethereum Smart contracts. This means that consumers like gamers

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nxt coin review

Expert Take: NXT Coin Review

NXT is a blockchain platform similar to Ethereum and was created in 2013. Like Ether (ETH) on Ethereum blockchain, the NXT platform has its own cryptocurrency which is also represented as NXT coin. In this article, we go through the

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Your Weekly Crypto Summary – Ep 2

A big hack has startled the crypto-world. And a new blockchain review system started making waves. Excited to find out more? Let’s quickly jump into the highlights for this week's cryptocurrency summary: Cryptocurrency Summary for this Week: The Maple Exchange

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