Everything You Need to Know about HCash and HCash Mining

HCash is a unique cryptocurrency that aims at facilitating value transfer among blockchains. Besides, HCash can also allow value transfer between blockchains, and blockless cryptocurrencies. Accordingly, the platform will facilitate private transactions, DAO governance, and quantum resistance. This will ensure

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bitcoin prices

Bitcoin Prices: To Invest Or Sell?

For a short period in late 2017 to early 2018, Bitcoin was literally the hottest commodity out there. The future had never seemed rosier for Bitcoin. Bitcoin prices were up more than 100% in just 3 months and everything seemed

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Aion Coin

AION Coin Price Prediction

Aion coin is unique multi-tier blockchain system that aims at solving the scalability, privacy and interoperability problems of earlier blockchains. Notably, Aion coin is self-described as a Blockchain 3.0 coin. In this regard, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the original and

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