About us

Ecoin4Dummies is a blog designed to keep you up to date with the Cryptocurrency Industry. We are writing Cryptocurrency Tutorials, Cryptocurrency News and guides on how to purchase cryptocurrency.

Our blog focuses on understanding the basics with the emphasis on clarity. Your time is important. We do not post about everything out there; only the ones that are important.

Also, we weed out useless, hard to understand information and technical jargon. So, even if you have no idea what a Cryptocurrency is? Our blog gives you a kickstart.

If you want to know something that isn’t available, please let us know. We will put every possible effort to make you more informed.

Recently we also started developing extensions for WordPress, and also started offering a $1000 worth of scholarship for US students that express interest in the cryptocurrency field. for more details about how to apply for the Ecoin4Dummies scholarship please click here.

For guides on Bitcoin see the bitcoin 101 category, and for other crypto's guides see the crypto 101 category.


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