AdEx – An advertisement platform

AdEx, an online ad exchange, aiming to provide a platform that is transparent, intuitive, and more efficient.

Initially, AdEx is built on Ethereum blockchain, and the team is planning to move onto NEO platform.

The founders are saying that AdEx can address the problems like ad blockers, ad fraud, and lack of user consent where the existing advertising networks are not very efficient.

End-users who consume the ads would have a user profile and a personalized page to control the ads delivered to them.

ADX Token

ADX token would be useful on the AdEx platform to sell and buy ad space and time.

Popular Cryptocurrency Exchanges that trade ADX token are: Bittrex, Liqui, HitBTC, EtherDelta, and Gatecoin.

The advertisers will create ads and keeps them open for bids for a particular number of clicks, or views, or sign-ups. Publishers would compete for the bid, and the one who wins will get paid in ADX token. The tokens would be under the escrow protection until the publisher finishes the task.

The whitepaper describes there may be one more different token ADXToken2 (ADXT) which would become available at a later stage as the platform grows bigger to avoid token scarcity problem that may arise.

ADX Wallets

ADX token is an ERC20 compliance token, meaning all the Ethereum wallets that support ERC20 are compatible.

Keep in mind that the AdEx will be moving to NEO platform, with that there may be significant changes to ADX token. Follow the AdEx blog for updates.

How to get ADX tokens?

The tokens are pre-mined and sold through crowdsale, i.e., an initial coin offering. So, there is no mining reward model. The only option available is buying from the exchanges or trading with other popular Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

Finally, Google AdSense has a decentralized competitor to worry.

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