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AELF Coin Price Prediction for 2019

AELF is a blockchain platform that decentralizes cloud computing. The nodes in the network provide computing power. And any decentralized application can run on the network parallelly. So, even if some nodes go offline or new nodes come online, the computing power adjusts according to the needs. Later in this article, we will give our opinion on AELF coin price prediction.

AELF blockchain can also communicate with other blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. And its architecture consists of multiple sidechains, where each sidechain can communicate with other sidechains with the help of the mainchain. Plus, with the help of AELF ecosystem, creating both public chains and complete private chains is also possible.

The platform uses its own tokens, which are also called AELF, and sometimes, ELF.

AELF ICO (Initial Coin Offering) was ended on 10 Dec 2017. And AELF ICO has raised a total of 27.5 million dollars (USD).

AELF Coin Price Prediction

First, let's look at the token metrics.

Maximum supply limit: 1 Billion tokens

Total Supply: 280 million tokens

Circulating supply at the time of writing: 250 million tokens

The peak value of AELF coin was 2.48 USD, and it was on 10 Jan 2018, shortly after AELF ICO has ended. That time was also the most significant peak for the crypto-market.

Also, many institutional investors have invested in AELF project. And the AELF coin is listed in many token exchanges, indicating that the token has strong support.

The price has slumped dramatically and is now trading at 0.3338 USD according to CoinMarketCap.

From us, the AELF coin price prediction is that it will touch 2.75 USD in the last quarter of 2019. And the worst case scenario would be at least the token will be a dollar worth.

Since the price of AELF token is very low right now, this is a good time to buy.

Let us know your comments on our AELF coin price prediction. We greatly appreciate that.

Disclaimer: All the information presented here are taken from AELF whitepaper and the website. The opinions given here solely belong to the Auther and do not necessarily reflect the same of

This article is for informational purposes only. And we are not liable for any investment decisions you make.

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