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AION Coin Price Prediction

Aion coin is unique multi-tier blockchain system that aims at solving the scalability, privacy and interoperability problems of earlier blockchains. Notably, Aion coin is self-described as a Blockchain 3.0 coin. In this regard, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the original and 2.0 versions respectively.

The Aion foundation built the Aion network.  Accordingly, the aim of the Aion network is to build the inter-chain infrastructure necessary for further blockchain development. Matthew Spoke is the leader of this project with an able team across four countries to bring their vision of blockchain interoperability to reality.

About Aion Coin

The Aion network essentially seeks to become the common blockchain protocol for a new crop of efficient decentralized systems. In other words, Aion is like the internet of blockchains. Unlike other blockchains which serve specific ends, Aion bridges blockchains to create a business use case.

In a nutshell, the Aion network makes it possible for dissimilar blockchains to communicate.

Aion Coin serves as a connecting network while at the same time facilitating inter-chain transactions. You can purchase the coin on exchanges like Binance and CoinSwitch and store it on any Ether wallet. If not, you can download their new, secure desktop wallet. However, in terms of security, nothing beats a cold wallet and Ledger Nano S is the best option out there.

Price Forecast for Aion Coin



How high is the Aion coin price likely to go next? Clearly, the price of this coin is inextricably linked to general coin prices. Accordingly, projections hinge on the general success of coin markets. At spot rates, AION is changing hands at 14 cents against the USD.


Considering other macros as recovering Bitcoin and Ethereum prices plus AION’s ambitious road map, it is clear that the future is bright. As a result, we expect prices to pick up in coming days and even blast above the 52-week upper limit of $6.533.


At the time of press, AION is up 7.01 percent in the last week and from the daily chart, it is likely that AION prices will rally past the 50 day simple moving average towards Dec 2018 highs at 20 cents. The first reasonable target by end of Q1 2019 is 40 cents.

That said, this is a conservative estimate and a strong bull market could surpass expectations.


In summary, the Aion network is a great project with a solid product and strategy. This fact may be the key to future growth and sustainability. Nevertheless, a prudent investor would only invest what they can afford to lose.

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