MOAC Coin: An All-encompassing Blockchain Solution

MOAC Coin is a crypto project that bills itself as the ‘Mother of All Coins’ and everyone has to sit up and take notice. Naturally, any crypto enthusiast should want to get acquainted with this project. MOAC is essentially a blockchain ecosystem that combines the advantages of generations of blockchain advancements into a complete and versatile platform.

Intriguing, right?

This project represents the most recent version of blockchain development. This is because the project focuses on enterprise blockchain as a contemporary innovation. Previously, the pioneer blockchains like the Bitcoin blockchain were pure cryptocurrencies.

The next generation saw the development of dApp blockchains like Ethereum. This new generation of blockchain in-fact allows developers to create entirely new chains with custom rules.

MOAC has a unique multi-layered architecture that entails Sharding, advanced smart contracts and cross-chain capabilities through atomic swaps.

There is a root chain called the “MotherChain” and subsidiary “Microchains.” The network executes transactions on the mother chain while the micro chains execute smart contracts. These micro chains can also connect to other blockchains and even run virtual machines.

The Mother Chain uses Proof of Work consensus. However, you can implement various mechanisms, including Proof-of-Stake on the MicroChains. This flexibility is excellent for users. Moreover, you can also access other features like BaaS, data storage, and developer APIs.

History of MOAC Coin

This project had the most significant undertaking events in mid-2017.  The developers, who are based in China, held a successful ICO from June 20, 2017  to July 5, 2017 and sold 125 000 000 pre-mined MOAC tokens. Sha Zhou, David Chen, and Xinle Yang are some significant figures behind the project and they have a meaningful experience with institutions like Intel.

You can mine MOAC and the mining algorithm in Ethash. This coin has a total supply of 56,483,386 MOAC which is a healthy amount relative to other coins. At the time of writing, you could get a MOAC token for about $0.5.


This project, therefore, stands out from most other blockchain projects on account of its scalability and flexibility. The fact that it allows users and developers to customize their chains is a remarkable accessory.

This project has promising features and is in certain ways ahead of its time. With a combination of storage, authentication and rewards systems, this is one of those projects set to explode remarkably if markets pick up. Unsurprisingly, the coin took a hit most of last year with the coin markets slump but looks sure to rejuvenate as more than 1000 dApps go live in 2019.

For investors, this is certainly a project to keep an eye on. At the moment, it is wise to make no more than cautiously optimistic investments.

Who knows? Maybe you stand to make a killing in due course.

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