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Facebook Reverses Ban on Cryptocurrency Ads

Facebook Reverse Crypto Ban

Facebook announced about the decisions to reverse the cryptocurrency ban from their platform. Earlier this year, Facebook decided to ban all cryptocurrency related ads, there was no difference for them if the page was small or big, no crypto advertisement of any kind. soon to follow were google, twitter, Linkedin, Outbrain and the entire online advertising […]

4.5 years ago – Nakamoto – Bitcoin First Billionaire

Bitcoin First Billionaire

Satoshi appeared seemingly out of nowhere in 2008 when he released a research paper on the Cryptography Mailing List, which led to the foundation of the Bitcoin currency and later crowned him as Bitcoin First Billionaire. There have been lots of speculations on Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s enigmatic creator. It turned out that Nakamoto is neither the […]

South Korea to Regulate Cryptocurrency

south-korea regulate cryptocurrencies

How it all started With cryptocurrency trading showing a tremendous increase in the last couple of years, many South Korean traders have been asking questions about how the Government would regulate cryptocurrency trading. In South Korea, the currency exchange rates are about 43% higher than the exchange rates in other countries. The market conditions, i.e., […]

Cryptocurrency Highlights January 2018

Stripe Ends Bitcoin Support

Some of the highlights for the cryptocurrency market for January were: Stripe ends Bitcoin support, Johann Jungwirth Joins IOTA’s Supervisory Board and Banks and CoinBase lost interest with XRP tokens. Stripe Ends Bitcoin Support It couldn’t be worse for Bitcoin even when Lightning Network is under testing. Stripe, in a blog post, announced that it would […]

Venezuelan Cryptocurrency ‘petro’  

Venezuela Petro Coin

Venezuela is a beautiful country that has Angels Falls, which is the highest waterfall in the world. And the country is a natural habitat for diverse wildlife. The country has produced six Miss World winners. And Now it has largest oils reserves and tops the rankings. On the other hand, economic growth of the country […]

India – Cryptocurrency regulate or a total ban?

India regulates bitcoin

Until now, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has only warned citizens about the risk of investing in Cryptocurrencies and it just yet needs to ratify the Indian cryptocurrencies regulations. The Registrar of Companies (RoC) stopped approving the Cryptocurrency exchange registrations. It is almost impossible to register a company whose names include terms like bit, […]

eCoin4Dummies Scholarship

eCoin4Dummies Scholarship

The eCoin4Dummies Scholarship We, at eCoin4dummies, believe that education is the best way to create equal opportunities for people no matter their background, gender, race or ethnicity. Since each of us got to know cryptocurrencies, we have been dedicating our work to educate the masses about what is crypto, and how, if successful,  it may […]