Best Cryptocurrency To Invest in 2019

Best Cryptocurrency To Invest in 2019

The number of cryptocurrencies available is 1590 and counting. And, many of them are not going to perform well in the long run. But some cryptocurrencies will do quite well. In this post, we handpicked some of the best cryptocurrency you can count on, with potential upside.

We all know about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. In addition to them, we have some suggestions.


It is the Chinese version of Ethereum. But NEO provides one huge flexibility over Ethereum platform. In Ethereum, smart contract programming is done using a language called Solidity. It is not as popular as Java or Python and is not used elsewhere. On NEO, smart contracts can be coded with Java, Python or any popular programming language.

NEO is already popular. But it had not got the traction it deserves. It has two currencies NEO and Gas.

Unlike Gwei, which is a part of Ether (ETH), NEO and Gas are two different cryptocurrencies. And, Gas is used to pay fees on the NEO platform.

Both NEO and Gas are attractive choices to depend on.


It is also a blockchain platform that introduces sidechain concept. Lisk uses JavaScript ― a trending programming language. Unlike Ethereum, developers don’t need to learn a new language to start coding applications on Lisk blockchain.

At the time of writing, Lisk is trading at 5.22 USD and has huge upside potential.


It is a distributed computing platform built on Ethereum blockchain. Anyone can contribute computing power and can earn Golem Network Token (GNT). The use cases include complex scientific research to graphics rendering. The project is still in early stages. It will gain popularity as more and more features are released.


We considered the stability, past performance, and current undervaluation to evaluate and bring you the best cryptocurrency picks.

So, what do you think about NEO, Golem, and Lisk? Comment below.


Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency investment is of high risk. Please consult your financial advisor before making investment decisions.

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