The Billion Coin

The Billion Coin (TBC) – A Scam

Before concluding that a Cryptocurrency, or a coin, or a token is under the motivation to rob investors, and newbies who are the natural targets, there are some factors to consider. In this article I'll show you what is The Billion Coin and how to recognize a scam coin from legit coin.

The Official Website

A website these days is not hard to put up. But, building a quality website that adapts to multi-size screens is not an easy task. If a Cryptocurrency does not have a remarkable site, then that is a negative sign.


If you had questions on a token, there should be a community to address them. Few favorite community channels are Reddit, an Official slack channel, a BitcoinTalk forum, a telegram messenger group. It can be anything as long as it is reachable by the interested people over the internet.


What’s the news saying about the coin? There are a lot of credible blogs like,, etc. If the currency is not talked or discussed in the popular Crypto-blogs, maybe it’s not popular yet. But, the chances are more that the coin is worthless.

Market Capitalization

The total or net market worth of a Cryptocurrency is nothing but Market Capitalization.

There is a highly credible and widespread site,, which is trusted globally by Cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It gives the information about any Cryptocurrency out there.

If the Market valuation of a coin is very low, it is evident that only a few people are showing interest in it.

What about The Billion Coin (TBC)?

The website looks like a rookie-created one. And it claims the value of TBC is 110 BTC, that’s complete trash. Many news channels credited the TBC as a scam.

Reddit and BitcoinTalk forums are lauding the TBC as a shitcoin and worth nothing. has no listing with the ticker TBC or with the name The Billion Coin.

From all these viewpoints it is one hundred percent evident that TBC aka The Billion Coin is a SCAM.

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