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Bitcoin RichList – The World’s Biggest Wallets

The wealthiest guys on the planet are Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos and the list goes on. What about the people who have abundant Bitcoins? It’s hard to say. In Bitcoin ecosystem, everyone lives in a layer. That is the wallet address which is hard to peg to a real person or institution.

The Bitcoin blockchain is visible to everyone. Whenever a transaction happens, behind the scenes, the blockchain would store a record with the ownership change. So, it’s easy to track the owner wallet address.

Wait, What if I receive some BTC with one address and send the BTC to another address by generating a new address? Remember this rule. The BTC is nothing but a private key. The wallet address is your public key. Any number of public keys can be generated from a private key. That way tracking the ownership is efficient. But, a public key cannot create a private key. So, no fake BTC.

Some Stats

The top 100 Bitcoin addresses hold more than 2.8 million BTC. The top 2 addresses alone hold 250K BTC.

Want to know the top 2 addresses. Here you go:



Finding the owners of these addresses is possible. You need a lot of time and analysis. Don’t try. That’s not worth. And would not fetch you anything valuable.


The era of Bitcoin billionaires has begun. A group of researchers from Harvard University predicted that the BTC would go beyond 100,000 USD by 2021. That said, hard forks like Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Gold (BTG) are some threats to BTC.

Recently, there was an announcement of a new fork called Bitcoin Silver. As of now, many people consider it as a joke. Who can expect what might happen?

Or If Bitcoin lightening network is introduced then it’s going to change the game. Stay tuned!


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