a lightweight scalable blockchain for iot security and privacy

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A lightweight, scalable blockchain that can be used for IoT devices with limited resources. Distributed throughput management algorithm allows for self-scaling. Nodes are built trust To reduce overheads in verifying blocks, they can be used together. This algorithm uses a distributed, time-based consensus algorithm that is low-resource-consuming.


Can blockchain be used for IoT?

What is the relationship between IoT and blockchain? IoT allows devices all over the Internet to send data and create tamper-resistant records for shared transactions. IBM Blockchain enables your business partners to share and access IoT data with you — but without the need for central control and management.


What is blockchain in IoT?

Blockchain It is a distributed ledger technology that uses IoT to allow machine-to-machine transaction. It works by a collection of transactions that are stored in a database and verified by multiple sources. Then, they are entered into a common ledger across all nodes.


What are the algorithms used in blockchain?

There are four consensus algorithms for blockchain: proof of work (POW), proof-of-stake (POS), ripple protocol consensus algorithm RPCA, delegated proofof stake (dPOS), stellar protocol (SCP) and proof of importance.


Which blockchain is best for IoT?

Helium. Helium, a San Francisco-based IoT blockchain startup that is known for being the first decentralized machine networking in the world, is headquartered in San Francisco. … NetObjex. NetObjex, another popular addition to the current blockchain IoT projects, is also a top choice. … Xage Security. … Grid+ … Atonomi. … Riddle&Code. … HYPR. … Chronicled.


How do I secure my IoT device with blockchain?






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