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The average salary for a US blockchain software engineer is $119,000 annually. This includes a low base salary at $70,000 and a high salary of $175,000.


How much can I earn as a blockchain developer?

Average Annual Salary

Very high confidence refers to the fact that the data was based on large numbers of responses. Blockchain India’s developer salaries range from? to? 2.3 Lakhs up to? 20.0 Lakhs to? 6.5 Lakhs. Based on 183 salaries, the following salary estimates have been made Blockchain Developers.


Is blockchain engineer a good job?

The number of jobs available for blockchain developers is greater than the number of qualified developers. This makes it one of the fastest-growing fields in the labor marketplace. You can have a successful career in blockchain engineering with multiple career paths and the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects.


Is blockchain a good career in 2020?

Because of the numerous applications of BlockchainIt’s becoming a highly sought-after skill. However, as the industry is evolving so quickly… there is no typical entry path into blockchain that we can recommend.


Who is the highest paid software engineer?

Software engineers don’t rely on their salaries. They can work for many companies and make a lot of money from each project. Sergey Aleynikov earns approximately $1.2 million per project. He could be the highest-paid software engineer in the entire world.


Is blockchain high paying?

Blockchain Developers spend their time creating code, establishing infrastructure and outlining security protocols. A bachelor’s degree is required, as well as programming experience with multiple languages. It’s well worth it, as many blockchain developers make up to $154,500 annually.


Why are blockchain salaries so high?

The big question is: Why do developers and blockchain engineers make such high salaries? High salaries in blockchain are a result of a shortage of people who are skilled in blockchain software development or those who can code complex applications such as smart contracts.





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