are altcoins based on blockchain

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Altcoin is a combination between the words alternative and coin. It can be used to include any cryptocurrencies or tokens that are not included in the above. Bitcoin. Altcoins are part of the blockchains for which they were specifically designed.


Are all Alt coins based on Bitcoin?

The term “altcoin is shorthand for “alternative coins and simply means cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. After BitcoinThese are the top nine most-popular cryptocurrencies: Ethereum. XRP.


Why does all altcoins follow Bitcoin?

Because Bitcoin The principal remains cryptocurrencyOther major altcoins include Litecoin Do you tend to follow it? price trends. LitecoinBoth the creator and other adherents of the religion have been referred to Litecoin As the silver to Bitcoin’s gold.


Why do altcoins go down when Bitcoin goes down?

When bitcoin (BTC), The largest cryptocurrency As market cap increases, other digital tokens also tend to rise in value. It is possible that other players in this space will also drop when BTC drops.


Why is it so hard to buy altcoins?

A large selection of altcoins are available. Each has its own competitive advantages and unique purpose. Altcoins that are not available on all altcoin exchanges can be hard to find.







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