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324 gigabytes


How many blocks are in Bitcoin blockchain?

There are currently 19,057.437.5 Bitcoins. This number changes every 10 mins when new blocks become available. Each block currently adds 6.25 Bitcoins to the circulation.

How Many Bitcoins are currently in circulation?
Total BTC in existence 19,057,437.5
Mined Bitcoin Blocks 739.190
There are 3 more rows


Will blockchain run out of space?

There is nothing that can stop the blockchains growing in size until we run out of storage space. However, Moore’s Law also applies to hard drives and processors so I’m not too concerned about it happening.


How long would it take to mine 1 Bitcoin?

It takes an average of 1.2 hours to generate one Bitcoin This is for machines with powerful engines, and takes approximately 10 minutes. The type of mine depends on how fast it is. Bitcoin You are mining hardware


How big is a Bitcoin node?

7 gigabytes free disk space available at a minimum speed of 100 MB/s. Unmetered connections, high upload limits or connections you regularly monitor to ensure they don’t exceed their upload limits.







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