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Twitter Block Chain is a very useful tool that can help you to keep track of who is following you and who you are following. It is very easy to install and use, and it is completely free. To use Twitter Block Chain, simply go to a user’s Twitter page and click on the user’s follower or following page. Then, click on the Twitter Block Chain icon and select “Run Block Chain.” A pop-up confirmation window will ask if you really want to block the user’s followers or who they’re following. Once you confirm, the user’s followers or who they’re following will be blocked from viewing your tweets. This is an excellent way to keep your tweet activity private and to avoid unwanted follower or following activity.


How to block all followers Twitter?

While Twitter offers a number of features that can help users manage their accounts, there are some notable limitations. For example, there is no way to block Twitter followers in bulk. This means that if you want to remove multiple followers from your list, you need to select each user individually and then decide whether to delete them or not. This can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you have a large number of followers. Additionally, Twitter does not offer any way to filter out offensive or unwanted content. As a result, users must scroll through their timeline manually in order to find tweets that they may want to avoid. While these limitations can be frustrating, they are not deal-breakers. Ultimately, Twitter remains a valuable platform for sharing information and connecting with others.


How to block all Tweets?

Blocking someone on Twitter is pretty simple. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to block someone, there are two ways to do it. You can either go to their profile page and tap the “Block” button, or you can go to one of their tweets and tap the icon at the top of the tweet. Either way, you’ll be asked to confirm that you want to block the person before it’s finalized. Once you’ve blocked someone, they won’t be able to see your tweets or interact with you in any way. If they try to look at your profile, they’ll get a message saying that they’ve been blocked. So if you’re being harassed or simply don’t want someone seeing what you’re up to, blocking them is a good solution.


Does mega block work Twitter?

In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with information from all sides. Social media has made it easier than ever to connect with others, but it also means that we are constantly exposed to a never-ending stream of news, opinion and advertising. This can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially when we see something that we disagree with or that upsets us. Thankfully, there is now a tool that can help to reduce the noise on social media. MegaBlock is a new browser extension that allows users to block the main tweet, the profile of the user who made the tweet and all the users who liked it – in just one click. This can be a lifesaver when you are trying to avoid an unpleasant or controversial topic, or simply want to focus on your own feeds. With MegaBlock, you can take back control of your social media experience and create the kind of online space that works for you.



What is Twitter Blockchain?

Twitter has long been criticized for its handling of online harassment and abusive behavior. In response, the social media giant has introduced a number of new features designed to help users protect themselves from trolls and bullies. However, these measures often fail to address the root of the problem. That’s where devFluid’s Twitter Blockchain comes in. Blockchain is a browser extension that automatically blocks the followers and followings of a Twitter user when activated. By cutting off the harasser’s access to their victim’s account, Blockchain makes it much harder for them to perpetrate their abuse. In addition, Blockchain also makes it easy to report harassment, providing users with a simple way to take action against their tormentors. Twitter Blockchain is a much-needed solution to the problem of online harassment, and it could go a long way towards making Twitter a safer place for everyone.


Does Twitter tell when you screenshot?

Twitter is a popular social media platform that allows users to share short messages, or “tweets.” One feature of Twitter is “fleets,” which are similar to Snapchat stories. Fleets disappear after 24 hours, but unlike Snapchat stories, Twitter doesn’t notify users when someone takes a screenshot of their fleet. This means that you can take screenshots of anyone’s fleet without them knowing. While this can be useful for savingFleets disappear after 24 hours, but unlike Snapchat stories, Twitter doesn’t notify users when someone takes a screenshot of their fleet. This means that you can take screenshots of anyone’s fleet without them knowing. While this can be useful for saving important messages or images, it can also be used to invade someone’s privacy. For example, if you take a screenshot of a friend’s fleet and share it with others, they may not be happy about it. So, next time you’re thinking about taking a screenshot of someone’s fleet, remember that they won’t be notified and they may not appreciate it if you share it without their permission.


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How can you see who has viewed your Twitter profile?

Checking your Twitter history has never been easier thanks to the Twitter search bar. Simply go to and type in your username along with the date range you desire to look at: from:username. This will bring up all of the tweets from that account during that time period. Whether you’re trying to remember what you tweeted about a year ago or you’re curious about someone else’s Twitter history, the Twitter search bar is a quick and easy way to get the information you need.


Why is Twitter toxic?

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms with over 320 million monthly active users. It is a platform where people can share their thoughts and opinion in short tweets. However, this feature of Twitter is also the reason why it is so toxic. The limit of 140 characters often leads to people posting hateful and abusive comments. In addition, the anonymous nature of Twitter allows people to hide behind false identities and attack others without consequence. As a result, Twitter has become a hotbed for trolls and bullies who constantly seek to harass and disrupt the lives of others. While there are steps that can be taken to reduce the toxicity of the platform, such as increasing moderation and banning abusive users, it remains one of the most dangerous social media platforms in existence.


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