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Be aware. Be aware, Blockchain Access UK Ltd is very unscrupulous. They require 10% of your amount in advance otherwise they don´t transfer the money to you. This is not unusual for a scam company.


Is Blockchain a legit company? is the most trusted platform to transact in international transactions crypto With more than 50M wallets and $620B in transactions,


Can you be scammed with Blockchain?

The new forms of crypto There are always new coins being made. coin Offering (ICO). However, ICOs can also be used to scam people. One company or person may claim they have a rare opportunity to invest into a new type of investment. crypto Guaranteed Returns of 1,000%


Is Block chain wallets legit?

Blockchain wallet Easy to use and intuitive Your data is stored by the Company wallet Third party risk is involved when third parties access their servers. The Company is simple and rich in features, while maintaining a solid reputation for security.


What are the risks of blockchain?

New technology brings new risks. These risks are often not well understood or even known. There are three main new risks to enterprise blockchain deployments and smart contracts: outdated software, software flaws, and operational flaws. Wait a second.


What is the minimum deposit on blockchain?

The does not offer current interest rates, it lists eligible currencies and minimum deposit requirements. Bitcoin ($300 minimum) Ether ($100 min) USD Digital ($100 min)






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