what are blockchains used for

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A blockchain is a distributed, decentralized, and often public digital ledger. It consists of records called blocks, which are used to record transactions across many computers. This ensures that no block involved can be altered retroactively without the altering of all subsequent blocks.


What are the uses of blockchain?

International Payments Blockchain This tool allows you to quickly and securely create a tamperproof log of your sensitive activities. …
Capital Markets. …
Trade Finance. …
Audit and regulatory compliance. …
Money Laundering Protection. …
Insurance. …
Peer-to-Peer Transactions. …
Supply Chain Management.


What is blockchain used for besides bitcoin?

Blockchain It is used already to enable identity management, smart contracts and supply chain analysis. It is likely that blockchain technology will continue to grow in its full potential.


How is blockchain used in real life?

Smart Contracts Cases BlockchainBlockchain-based contracts are becoming increasingly popular as more sectors, such as healthcare and real estate, discover the benefits. Here are some examples of companies using blockchain to make their contracts smarter.


Who uses blockchain today?

IBM is one of the leading companies to place blockchain at the forefront of its future business model. Microsoft’s Azure platform is helping companies establish blockchain across many sectors.







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