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Argo Blockchain
Software company


What does Argo Blockchain do?

Argo Blockchain plc is the first cryptoA standard listing is required for a mining service provider to become admitted to the main market at London Stock Exchange. The Company is located in the UK. It operates a global service center which provides a low cost, user-friendly solution for the mining and processing of leading minerals. crypto-currencies.


How can I buy Argo Blockchain stock?


How many shares does Argo Blockchain have?

The following are key statistics
Average volume 2.63m
Outstanding shares 469.68m
465.28m of free float
P/E (TTM) 5.67
Market cap: 232.49m GBP
One more row


Who are Argo Blockchain competitors?

Argo’s main rivals Blockchain Marathon Digital (MARA), Global Blue Group GB, 8X8(EGHT), 8X8/EGHT, Skillz (SKLZ), NerdWallet NRDS), Cars.com – CARS, Yext – YEXT, trivago – TRVG, and DoubleDown Interactive – DDI


Is Argo Blockchain a good investment?

Argo’s recent growth makes this a very reasonable valuation. Argo is also profitable, which is a big difference from other high-stocks. For 2021, analysts expect the group to generate a net profit of £42.9m. Meanwhile, for 2022, they expect a net profit of £72.5m.


Is Argo Blockchain a good stock to buy?

Argo Blockchain The consensus rating for the company is Buy. The average rating score for the company is 2.86. It is based upon 6 buy ratings and 1 hold rating. There are no sell ratings.


Does ArGo Blockchain pay dividends?

ARGO BLOCKCHAIN, NASDAQ: ARBK), does not pay any dividends.


What is the price of Blockchain stock?

$ 7.00CloseChgChg %$6.870.355.37%


What is the stock symbol for ArGo AI?

MarketWatch….$ 43.35.CloseChgChg %$43.35-0.61-1.39%| MarketWatch….$ 43.35.CloseChgChg %$43.35-0.61-1.39%


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