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Smart contracts defined
Smart contracts are programs that are stored on a blockchain and run when certain conditions are met. These contracts are typically used to automate an agreement’s execution so that everyone involved can know the outcome immediately, without the need for any intermediary or loss of time.


What is smart contract in blockchain example?

An example smart contract is to transfer ownership of an Apartment once certain resources have been transferred to Seller’s Account(or wallet). A smart contract is possible in a blockchain to track vehicle maintenance and ownership.


What is a smart contract example?

Smart contract applications can be used for financial purposes such as trading, investing and lending. These smart contracts can be used in healthcare, gaming, real estate, and even to create corporate structures.


What is smart contract Bitcoin?

What is a? Bitcoin Smart Contract? Smart Contract? One example is that a smart contract could specify that bitcoin Should be sent automatically to all users after a specified time delay.


What smart contract means?

Smart contracts are a special type of program that encodes business logic and runs on a virtual machine that is embedded in a blockchain or another type of distributed ledger.


Who writes smart contracts?

Anybody can create a smart contract, and then deploy it to the network. Only you will need to know how to code smart contracts and have enough Ethereum to deploy them.


How can I earn money from smart contract?

Setting up an MLM platform based on ethereum smart contracts is the best way to make money with ethereum. It is possible to make millions setting up such an MLM platform. Expert guidance and technical assistance are all you need.





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