BurstCoin Price Prediction: Reasons For Investing

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Undoubtedly, BurstCoin is special. Not only is it working towards complete decentralization which means a network where there are no whales or entities influencing price or on chain development but the coin is introducing new, energy efficient and environment-friendly consensus algos. Proponents call the coin an innovative green cryptocurrency. It’s a no brainier why and that’s part of the main reasons why BurstCoin—though still dabbling with inefficient but secure Proof of Work—stands out. Read below our BurstCoin Price Prediction and the Reasons for investing on this coin.

More about BurstCoin

To summarize, BurstCoin is perhaps the only coin in the crypto verse that makes use of your empty hard drive space for mining purposes. Its founder took the Satoshi Nakamoto route, forking the network off NXT and melting into the inter-webs without a trace.

A BurstCoin consortium is now tasked with developing and maintaining the network. Thanks to their special proof of capacity energy efficient and low entry consensus algorithm profitable mining is possible even from mobile devices. Once you plug in and decide to mine, the network simply “plots” on your hard drive. Your computer space is not overwritten and should you decide to opt out, all you have to do is delete these plots on the hard drive and that would be about it.

Why BurstCoin

There are several pointers that make BurstCoin unique and could propel price in coming weeks/months, some of them include:

  • The project is purely pro-Bono, volunteer based with emphasis on innovation. Most notably, there is no pay for developers neither is there a developer fund. Additionally, the team didn’t carry out an ICO and developers are in it not because of the money—they aren’t selling their coins despite marauding bears—but because they believe on the efficiency and superiority of Proof of Capacity as spelled out in the Burst Dymaxion white paper.
  • The rate of BurstCoin adoption is growing and sooner or later, the team will officially unveil businesses that ride on their blockchain.Already, John McAfee has sounded his support. Remember, it’s possible to atomic swap BurstCoin and with plans on introducing dynamic fees model.
  • BurstCoin is spearheading the drive for complete privacy as they address scalability concerns and security. The first hard fork dealt with Time-Memory Tradeoff Attacks. Future implementations include addition of a full miner tool suite and bug fixing. Other hard forks on the horizon will introduce ring signatures, Tangles on top of the BurstCoin blockchain and zk-SNARKs all of which steels user privacy.

BurstCoin Price Prediction

Like the rest of the markets, BurstCoin is struggling against bears. So far, the coin is down 95% from Dec 2017 peaks but as optimism trickle in, momentum is slowly changing. Though it might take a while before prices test the 13 cents peaks, chances are prices might recover this year. BurstCoin might probably end up printing 4 cents by end of Q4 2018. All this is, of course, dependent on on-chain development and reception of development proposals forwarded by the team. This wraps up our BurstCoin Price Prediction.

You can purchase BurstCoin at several exchanges including Poloniex, UpBit, Bittrex and Coinroom.

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