LinkEye - Blockchain-based Credit Alliance

How to Buy LinkEye (LET): A Blockchain-Based Credit Alliance

LinkEye emerged as the pioneer credit alliance built using blockchain technology. This is because it aims at creating a global reliable database with a HyperLedger Fabric platform. Ultimately, the objective is to better support the current credit system and thereby make credit accessible to everyone.

The platform is keen on the South Asia market with Europe in its scope too. The natural explanation is that compared to the west, fewer people own credit cards in the former region. As a result fewer people have access to credit and the market is ready for more financing.

Buying LinkEye

The procedure for buying LinkEye is fortunately quite straightforward. There are a range of options to going about this. They include cash, using a Credit or debit card or even PayPal. Sounds too simple? Perhaps it does.

However, the following guide should be affirmative of the contrary, with a bit of technical procedures. For practical purposes let’s look at buying coin using a credit/ debit card

Using a Credit Card or Debit Card

The first step is to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum using your credit card. This is because as you would probably guess, buying LinkEye using your fiat money is not an option. The BTC can then be converted to LinkEye and how much you get depends of course on the amount of BTC.

It is important to note that some exchanges don’t support the LinkEye currency. Therefore, you may have to buy Bitcoin from one exchange and use it to acquire LinkEye on another.  The most reliable exchange for acquiring Bitcoin is CoinBase. However, the sign up procedure may be a bother to some. This is because the exchange is regulated by the American government and thus goes to great lengths to verify the customers.

Buying using a card is instant but the fees are higher. You can buy LET on Huobi exchange which is one of the more reliable exchanges.  If you place an order, it may be executed immediately or the might be a slight delay. This is because the exchange may be trying to find enough ‘sell’ orders to fulfill your ‘buy’ order.

Once you have acquired LET, it is prudent to store it securely. It goes without saying that exchanges are a sweet spot for hackers because of the tremendous amount of digital assets stored. As a result, it is important to have a solid storage mechanism to keep you covered. This is helpful, particularly for long term storage.

The gold standard for wallet safety is offline cold wallets. An example is the Ledger Nano S wallet. This wallet offers impermeable security and supports multiple currencies.

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