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How to Buy NAS Coin from Binance

Keen on investing and searching avenues of how to buy NAS coin? Well, this simplified guide will take you through the paces. It highlights what Nebulas Network is and how to buy NAS safely from Binance.

What is Nebulas Network?

Nebulas Network is a search engine framework for blockchains. It is available complete with upgradable smart contract capabilities. Founded in 2107, Nebulas Network makes use of blockchain technology to create an easy to use search platform. Users can easily query for smart contracts, dApps, and other blockchain assets. This has much thinking that Nebulas Network is the new “Google”. However, they are wrong.

Technically, Google is a day to day tool for normal internet users searching for information. On the other hand, Nebulas is for searching different blockchain assets. Since the platform depends on the blockchain, Nebulas token is one of the many projects that promote privacy. They prevent corporations like Google or Facebook from harvesting personal information. Google and the likes create models from private data for advertisement micro-targeting purposes. According to Nebulas Whitepaper, the project is working on creating “native measure of value and a core algorithm for many fundamental scenarios”. Besides, they want to inspire deeper insights into the blockchain ecosystem.

Main Components of Nebulas

For this to be a reality, Nebulas Network did create the Nebulas Rank to measure value using on-chain user activities. There are three dimensions through which the network measures value. First, through liquidity which is simply the frequency and size of transactions. Secondly, by propagation which is the depth of liquidity. Here, Nebulas Coin takes under consideration three main propagation properties: Speed, information transmission depth index and scope. Lastly, Nebulas Rank measures interoperability. All these measures will morph up into a network that is truthful, deterministic and computable.

Aside from Nebulas Rank, there is Nebulas Force. Here, developers can draft smart contracts or protocols that are flexible and adaptable. The Nebulas Force comprises of Nebulas Virtual Machine (NVM) and an allowance for protocol or smart contracts upgrade. NVM depends on LLVM which is a collection of compiler tools and technologies. Complementing them is Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP) or Proof of Devotion. DIP is for incentivizing developers. Lastly,  there is a Lightning Network wallet for storing with atomic swap capabilities.

Nebulas ICO and How to Buy NAS Coin

Before porting to their own chain, NAS was an ERC-20 token. During the Nebulas ICO, each NAS token was sold at $2 raising 8000 ETHs.  60 million NAS tokens were sold between May 17 and Dec 16, 2017.

If you missed out, this is how you buy NAS: first, buy create an account at Binance and get the necessary verification. Thereafter link your bank account to the exchange, deposit funds and Buy BTC or ETH. Once fund reflects, exchange BTC for NAS at market rates.

Nebulas Wallets

Because of the mainnet token-swap, there are few Nebulas wallets available. However, we recommend transferring you NAS coin from Binance exchange to a NAS Nano wallet. It’s a simple and safe wallet where you can manage your NAS coins better.


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