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It is not possible to purchase TIME direct. You will need another currency in order to trade for TIME. The easiest cryptocurrency AVAX is the best choice, since you will be using it. Avalanche Blockchain To trade your tokens to Wonderland (TIME).


How do I buy crypto time wonderland?


How do I get time token?


How can I buy Avax?


How do I buy time on MetaMask?

For experienced users, the whole process is simple: You just need to add the Avalanche Once you have bought AVAX through a network, you can switch it to TIME via TraderJoe. Then stack on Wonderland. During stake, Time will be converted in MEMO to your Time and the exchange rate for this currency is 1:1.


How do I buy TIME wonderland from Coinbase?

Tap the button Labeled Marketnear price chart. This view will show you a complete list with the currencies and places where Wonderland can be purchased. You’ll find the shorthand for Wonderland (TIME), and a second currency under Pairs.


What happened Wonderland money?

Contrary to popular belief, cryptocurrency Should not be considered a correlated asset Bitcoin And the majority of crypto Projects also experienced major price drops. Wonderland’s ($TIME & WMEMO) coins saw a rapid drop in their prices, which caused the price to fall by 95% from its record high.




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