where can i buy elongate crypto

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Where can I buy ELONGATE?

ELONGATE is available by purchasing BNB from Binance and trading on PancakeSwap. Binance Smart Chain has a new favorite: Elongate. Transactions on Binance Smart Chain cost significantly less than transaction fees EthereumThis makes the platform more accessible for retail investors.


Is ELONGATE available on Coinbase?

Coinbase doesn’t support ELONGATE.


Is ELONGATE crypto real?

The ELONGATE cryptocurrency Launched on March 25, 2021. Hard cap of one quadrillion tokens. At creation, almost 412 trillion tokens had been burned. Since then, more than 24 trillion of them have been consumed.


Will elongate be listed?

ELONGATE is the first and largest charity token in the World. It recently posted its first major exchange listing to BitMart. The trading pair ELONGATE/USDT opens at 04.00 EDT on May 10, 2010. ELONGATE has raised over $2 million for numerous charities.


How do I buy elongate coins with a trust wallet?





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