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Chinese are everywhere. So do their products in blockchain tech. assets

Bytom is an interoperation protocol that allows the transfer of various assets from atomic world to byteworld. It enables product warranties, bonds, and securities, etc. to transfer, manage and to store.

Bytom token (BTM), the currency of the platform has a supply limit of 1.407 billion. BTM is used for transaction fees and sharing dividends of income based assets.

The blockchain of Bytom is a side-chain on the Bitcoin network and Bitcoin can be used to back the assets.

Is it different from Ethereum?

Bytom is dedicated only to asset management niche while Ethereum platform allows building smart contracts and distributed applications.

Ether has no cap on supply limit, and it is not the same case for BTM.

Bytom is currently running on Ethereum platform. Soon planned for moving to a self-constructed blockchain.

BTM wallets

All ERC20 token supported wallets are compatible with BTM as it is an ERC20 token.

  • Exchange Wallets –, CoinVC
  • Android and IOS wallets – imToken
  • Paper Wallets –

Please look for the updates regarding Bytom transition from Ethereum platform. You may need to transfer the tokens to the different wallet when this happens. This is only a possibility. Stay tuned to the Bytom official blog for more info.

How to get BTM?

The mining hardware unique to BTM can also perform Artificial Intelligence operations (AI). So, mining is a better option to earn BTM.

ETCWin is providing the exchange of BTM for Ether and Bitcoin.

The crypto-exchange Binance has suspended trading and depositing BTM after the Chinese crackdown on Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). And only allowing withdrawals of existing coins.

Many people and community leaders are speculating that the Chinese ban is only ephemeral to control the ICO storm.

Finally, BTM is a token that has future. Start mining today.

Read more about Exchange Platforms here.

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