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Cardano Rust Project is Live, Charles Hoskinson say Toolbox a “Proof of Concept”

Cardano Rust Project is the latest open source project to go live from the smart contracting platform. While speaking at the Cardano Anniversary, Charles Hoskinson the co-founder of the Cardano platform and Ethereum Classic said he is proud of the toolbox.



Rust Project, he says, proves a point that Cardano as a platform is independent and can stand on its own.  IOHK, the leader of Cardano’s development team, oversees all product launches for quality purposes. For assurance, third-party auditors review products and hold IOHK accountable in case of flaws.

“It proves an important point, namely that the Cardano platform stands for itself, independent of its Haskell implementation. The Rust SDK serves as a proof of concept for the fact that any language can build on the Cardano platform.”

What is Cardano Rust Project?

The launch of Cardano Rust is an important milestone in the Bryon development stage. Rust is by itself a lightweight and portable programming language. Developers say it can compile in third-party platforms like Android and iOS. Because of this feature, the team expects Rust to draw demand allowing developers to build on the platform since it acts as a toolbox, an SDK for developers.

Cardano is a culmination of two years of research and one year of tireless development. At the moment, they are working at the Byron phase or the bootstrap era. The objective at this stage is to design and ensure that there is complete decentralization at the Settlement Layer (CSL). The CSL is where ADA, the native currency in the Cardano ecosystem, thrives at acting as a tool for settlement. Because of this, Ouroboros is core and the team is making it robust introducing features as multi-Sig and quantum resistance signatures and light clients.

Yoroi Web Wallet Launch

Days before Rust project, Cardano unveiled Yoroi. Yoroi, which is still in beta, is a light wallet that is secure, simple to use and run from the Chrome extension. Besides, the wallet allows ADA coin owners to manage their accounts without necessarily downloading the whole Cardano blockchain.

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