CasinoCoin: The Gateway to the Future of Gaming

CasinoCoin is a gambling platform that came to pass out of necessity. The platform main objective is to use the blockchain technology to create and facilitate preferred instant peer-to-peer transfers to its users while implementing Know your customers (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) technology to the gaming operators and regulators.

As a matter of fact, its partnership with Ripple makes this platform one of the fastest registering a throughput of 1,000 TPS meaning confirmation is pretty instant.

What’s unique about CasinoCoin is that the platform is built with users and regulators in mind. With the Bankroll Manager KYC capabilities, there is better user experience and responsible gaming. Registration is easy and even straightforward and once online operators can easily integrate with other gaming platforms in a simple on-boarding process.

Besides, the platform uses the Ripple Code and their choice of Ripple is easy to see. As a protocol that is designed for gamblers, their use of Ripple technology means CSC will be on a path for eventual incorporation by banks.

How CasinoCoin Works

How CasinoCoin (CSC) operates is pretty straight forward. First, the user installs the CSC’s special Bankroll Manager(BRM) wallet.  The user is then verified—submission of driving license and other KYC documents is through Jumio.


After the registration and verification process,the user deposits CSC into the BRM wallet from an exchange or a basic and supported wallet. These funds move to a CSC operator wallet for approval before the user get access to play. Withdrawals can be made directly to the BRM wallet.

Benefits of CasinoCoin Platform

For Users

CasinoCoin provides its users with a platform of a faster and easier registration process, cheaper transaction costs, high transparency, stronger security and the control of their gambling habits.

For Operators

Operators have access to a simpler on-boarding process, new incremental revenue stream with full visibility and security before any betting. Besides, there are lower cross-border transaction fees regardless of the transfer amount and zero chargebacks.

For Regulators

In-built KYC and the geo-location feature present promote transparency. This means the system is foolproof and there is no way to launder funds. The CSC Tracker allow regulators to have visibility of the coin and cash flow in a simpler manner.

CasinoCoin Price and Exchanges


CSC is available in three major exchanges—Nlexch, STEX and NUEX. At spot prices, it retails for

$0.000275 with a total supply of 39,999,999,905 CSCs and a circulating supply of 35,973,085,511 CSCs with a total market cap of $9.87 million at the time of press.


The CasinoCoin holds the future of cryptocurrency in the gambling industry because of its benefits to the users like stronger security, transparency, and easy transfers. It also eases the regulators and operators work by providing the KYC and AML tools.

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