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Where to Spend Bitcoins (UK)

stores accepting bitcoins in UK - ecoin4dummies

After great adoption of cryptocurrencies in some countries in the far east. We can start seeing more and more stores around the world accepting bitcoin and even accepting other cryptocurrencies. We have compiled a list of where to spend bitcoins in the uk, you can also check for more merchants accepting bitcoin in the United Kingdom […]

DECENT: A Blockchain Content Distribution Platform


DECENT is synonymous with a simple but important function: Content distribution. The platform allows users to purchase, sell and even share content without having to pay middlemen fees or using centralized agencies. Additionally, authors can share content with consumers using blockchain technology and Bit-Torrent’s platform’s upgraded version. This is an automated process and has no […]

Free Bitcoin Faucet: Win Free Bitcoin Every Hour

Free Bitcoin Faucets

The value of Bitcoin, though lower than its record highs of late 2017, is still incredible. Besides, the fact that digital currency barely existed until a decade ago makes it the more impressive. Cryptocurrency faucets like Free Bitcoin every hour (FreeBitco), give those who seek to acquire coin an alternative other than mining, physical exchanges or […]

Top Merchants who Accept Bitcoin as Payment

Merchants Accepting Bitcoin as Payment

The thing is no one merchant wants to miss the “Pizza Moment”. For 2 pizzas one technology tolerant merchant in Florida took in 10,000 Bitcoins. These coins are  now worth more than $10M at current exchange rate effectively putting him in the Bitcoin Rich List. So, if you have some Bitcoins to spend and is […]

Bitcoin breaks $11,000 Mark

Bitcoin goes to 11k

November month has been all dramatic for Bitcoin enthusiasts. The SegWit2x was off the road. The Bitcoin Gold, stared as a joke nobody cared much, has racked up the charts with the 5th place in terms of Market Capitalization. Another hard fork has been announced and named as Bitcoin Ruby. What’s going on? We have […]

Bitcoin Gold – How To Get Your Piece of The Pie

How to get bitcoin gold

On November 12, the Bitcoin Gold network went up and running. Initially, the network has undergone a massive Denial of Service (DOS) attack. But it recovered back very soon. Now you can learn how to get Bitcoin Gold. If you’re the owner of Bitcoin (BTC) before and during the fork, you can get the equivalent […]

Bitcoin Cash Fork – When Forks Have Forks

bitcoin cash fork

The hard fork planned on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain is intended for improving the network only. And not for creating a new currency. The hard fork would go live on 14th November 2017. In Bitcoin Cash network, for every 2016 new blocks found the Difficulty adjusts. This is as same as the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin […]