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Jan 10, 2018: The Bitcoin Updates

Highlights: Tim Draper, a venture capitalist, who bought Bitcoins in an auction by the United States Marshals Service (the funds seized from darknet illegal marketplace Silk Road), now wears a Bitcoin tie. South Korean exchanges are trading Cryptocurrencies at far higher prices of nearly 43% than the rest of the world at times due to […]

SegWit2x Hard Fork Activated Anyway


Initially, SegWit2x aims to improve the Bitcoin network in terms of transaction confirmation speeds and volume by tweaking the blocksize limit. (Know more about that here) But it has to be canceled due to the lack of community consensus, which is vital if creating a new fork coin like Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Gold is […]

2017: Bitcoin Leaves A Mark in The History

Bitcoin Leaves A Mark in the History

According to CoinMarketCap price index, On December 17, 2017, the BTC price hit an all-time high of 20,089 USD. The Bitcoin enthusiasts are excited that the Cryptocurrency will become much high in value. Every day more people are trying to understand how the BTC ecosystem works. And not to mention that the name Satoshi Nakamoto […]

Bitcoin breaks $11,000 Mark

Bitcoin goes to 11k

November month has been all dramatic for Bitcoin enthusiasts. The SegWit2x was off the road. The Bitcoin Gold, stared as a joke nobody cared much, has racked up the charts with the 5th place in terms of Market Capitalization. Another hard fork has been announced and named as Bitcoin Ruby. What’s going on? We have […]

Bitcoin Price Hits Record High – 5856 USD

new high btc

The world’s most trusted decentralized currency is Bitcoin. The market capitalization, increasing price, and popularity among newbies being the significant factors. The price of BTC is skyrocketing day by day. In October, the price has hit above 5700 USD indicating a strong bullish market. However, the price trend could not overcome the resistance to break […]

SegWit2x – All You Need to Know


We need to understand few terms before stepping into SegWit2x Hard fork Also coined as UAHF (User Activated Hard Fork), splits the chain into two. All the blockchain data available till the block where the split happens will act as the base data for the new chain. This is the reason if you are the […]

Bitcoin Gold – The Second Bitcoin Fork

Bitcoin Gold

Cryptocurrencies are the number one innovation of the 21st century. With the many innovative concepts like blockchain, irreversible transactions, complete anonymity, the Cryptocurrencies are proving ‘Free Money’ is a reality. A hard fork on Bitcoin blockchain is planned on 25 October 207. This means a new blockchain would emerge at a particular block number on […]

Bitcoin Faucet – Free Bitcoin For All

bitcoin faucet

Just after Bitcoin started gaining some name, a new trend began – Bitcoin Faucets. In Bitcoin Faucets every user is entitled to free Bitcoins every few minutes or few hours, depending on the site. This free Bitcoins comes as a reward for spending the time to click a button once in a while. Those Bitcoin […]