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Each article in this category gives you a detailed instruction on how to purchase each of the cryptocurrencies.

Cryptopia – Cryptocurrency exchange and Marketplace

Cryptopia is an exchange from New Zealand. And it has listed over 550 cryptocurrencies including the popular ones like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. The marketplace, however, has been closed for now ­– but a launch of revamped version is expected. Deposits Any national can probably have an account with Cryptopia. The exchange, however, only allows […]

Ethereum Mining in a Nutshell

Ethereum is the first ever blockchain platform – Every blockchain platform will have something more to offer rather than just accommodating a cryptocurrency. Ether, core currency of Ethereum, is second largest cryptocurrency, and highly anticipated to take over Bitcoin. Ether mining is simple and fast. You can publish a block every 15 seconds. And, there […]

Cryptocurrency Mining in a Nutshell


Cryptocurrency mining is the process of validating, verifying, and maintaining the underlying transaction system. The role of miners and the rules pertaining to the act differ from one cryptocurrency to the other. In case of IOTA the transaction initiators will act as miners on a temporary basis, and in turn, there are no transaction fees. […]

Where to Buy AdEx

Introduction Regardless of the scope of your cryptocurrency investments, the fundamental step is to acquire it first. In the case of AdEx, there are several options of buying AdEx tokens (ADX) and later storing them at secure wallets as Ledger Nano S. First things first, AdEx is a platform that will surely change disrupt advertising. […]

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Buy Tether and Store it

How to buy Tether USDT

Ever wondered why investors buy tether? Well, that’s because it’s stable and represents a “one-on-one value” of world reserve currencies such as the USD, Euro, and the  Yen. But tether is not without its issues. At the moment, everyone knows that US Department of Justice issued a couple of subpoenas against BitFinex and Tether limited, the […]

How to Advertise On AdEx

How to Advertise on AdEx

Tired of problems synonymous with traditional advertising? The wonders of blockchain technology now extends to tackle these particular problems. What is AdEx? Simply defined, the AdEx platform is a revolutionary blockchain platform that offers a great alternative for advertising. To achieve this, AdEx rides on the Ethereum blockchain utilizing its strengths for optimal advertising. With […]

How to Buy and Store Steem

How to Buy and Store Steem

Are you a writer, an editor or a content creator who want to earn money without going through a publishing house? No worries, Steemit solves this. While this incentivizing social media platform continues to gain traction, many more writers continue to directly benefit from their hard work. Writers anywhere in the world can sign up, […]

How to Buy Bitcoin Cash

What is Bitcoin Cash

It wasn’t until August 1, 2017 that we had Bitcoin Cash, symbol BCH. So far, this free Bitcoin dividend is proving lucrative. In fact, statistics shows that there is growing demand for this Bitcoin alternative and it is no surprise that it’s the 4th most valuable and liquid coin in the world with a staggering […]