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How to mine MonaCoin Using Nvidia CC Miner and a GPU Mining Rig

how to mine MonaCoin

Depending on your needs, how to mine MonaCoin should be as straightforward as it is. The MonaCoin network uses the proof of work consensus but is ASIC resistance. In that case, mining MonaCoin using GPU guarantees maximum decentralization while making sure the miner remains profitable. But first, What is MonaCoin? MonaCoin is a peer to […]

A Reddcoin Mining Guide: The Social Media Currency

Reddcoin mining or Minting

Mining has increased both as an activity and a topic amongst cryptocurrency enthusiast. More and more people have grown curious about it until it grown exponentially for the past couple of years or so. Here, we will talk about Reddcoin Mining and Reddcoin’s services that you could take advantage of. What is Reddcoin? There are […]

How to Buy Kyber Network (KNC) Tokens from Binance

How to buy Kyber Network (KNC) tokens - ecoin4dummies

Kyber Network is, first of all, a protocol—a set of rules that are based in the Ethereum blockchain that facilitates the instant conversion of digital assets as tokens and coins. Read more below and how to Buy Kyber Network   In simple terms, Kyber Network is but a decentralized exchange with all transactions done on-chain thanks […]

Bonus Bitcoin: The Free Bitcoin Faucet Site Will Close Shop By Oct 1, 2018

Bonus Bitcoin Faucet

In a world where free is often taken with a grain of salt and associated with scams, cryptocurrency faucets offer a way out for enthusiasts to have a feel of owning their first coins or digital assets. A popular and authentic cryptocurrency faucet out there is Bonus Bitcoin. There are many such websites willing to […]

Litecoin Mining and The Best Litecoin Miner for 2018

Litecoin mining and Litecoin miners

By design, Litecoin is faster than Bitcoin courtesy to its fast block generation. Since they use the same consensus algorithm, proof of work, it means the network incorporate miners who secure and confirm transactions moving from one account to another. Inevitably, thanks to Proof of Work, transaction confirmation and network security translates to mining meaning […]

Bitcoin Wallet Reviews: Ledger Nano S vs. Trezor vs. KeepKey

Ledger Nano S - ecoin4dummies

Look, there is nothing stomach churning for a Bitcoin investor or enthusiast than hearing his or her exchange has been hacked. It can hit you like a missile especially now when investors across the board have to contend with bears who have so far wiped more than 80 percent of Bitcoin valuation. But still, security […]

How to buy Dentacoin (DCN)

how to buy DENTACOIN - ecoin4dummies

As the name suggests, Dentacoin is primarily made for the dental industry. It is a platform built on Ethereum blockchain. Dentists can integrate Dentacoin and start to accept payments in Dentacoin (DCN) and store patient data using the blockchain. And the patients can review the dentists after a visit. Sounds promising? Let us show you […]