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Dash Mining in a Nutshell

Dash Mining

Dash is cryptocurrency designed by improving the Bitcoin protocol. And, it uses proof of work mining mechanism. The hashing algorithm is x11 which is a combination of 11 SHA-3 contestant algorithms. And the x11 algorithm is compatible with ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) based mining. In addition to general mining, which works similar to Bitcoin […]

DENT Price Prediction For The Rest of 2018


DENT is an ERC20 token, that is, built on Ethereum platform. Dent aims to fuel the mobile data buying and selling worldwide. Now, the Dent app is available for Android and iOS, and users can buy mobile data with DENT tokens and is live in USA and Mexico. Token Metrics Total Supply – 100 Billion […]

2017 Best Crypto Quotes

Crypto Quotes

There is no doubt that the brain behind Bitcoin is fast forward-thinking engineers which have led to the launching of a smart currency to drive radical breakthroughs for the benefit of the whole world. Interestingly, everyone has a different opinion about Blockchain technology which depicts skepticism but logically, if it weren’t a big deal, it […]

AEON: An Alternative To Monero (XMR)


AEON is a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency. But unlike Monero, you can send transparent transactions, optionally, that costs less fee and faster confirmations. And, Aeon uses CryptoNote-Lite for proof of work consensus, which as the name suggests is faster than CryptoNote algorithm. Also, AEON does blockchain pruning. That is abandoning old data that is no longer relevant. […]

LBRY – A Marketplace for Digital Content

lbry a marketplace for digital content

LBRY is a decentralized platform. On the platform, content creators can host their content. The content can be sold or can be given for free, putting the users in more control. The content storage is also decentralized with the help of network participants. In turn, users are rewarded for contributing processing power, disk space, and […]

What is Unobtanium (UNO)?

Unobtanium is a cryptocurrency and has similar characteristics to Bitcoin (BTC). It is designed to be a store of value rather than a payment system. The maximum supply limit of Unobtanium is 250,000 coins. And it uses same mining algorithm as Bitcoin uses ― SHA-256, which works on proof of work consensus model. Moreover, Unobtanium […]

What is CEFS Token And Cryptopia Fees Sharing?

CEFS is a token created by Cryptopia exchange, which is based out in New Zealand. Learn more about Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange here. Uses of CEFS The holders of CEFS tokens will be distributed 4.5% of all the trading fees earned by Cryptopia on a monthly basis. There are only 6,300 CEFS tokens are available in […]

Binance vs Bittrex

Binance vs Bittrex

Cryptocurrency exchanges make life a whole lot easier. Binance and Bittrex are the two of the biggest players in this realm. Notably, both don’t support fiat deposits or fiat wallets for withdrawals. Before making a determination, let’s briefly go through the profiles and advantages of each: Binance: Exchange the World Binance is the world’s most […]