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Revain Coin: A Trustworthy Blockchain-Based Review System

revain coin by eCoin4dummies

Revain Coin is a blockchain based automated feedback platform. To be more specific, Revain coin provides liquidity to the Revain platform which has the efficient feedback mechanism. The Blockchain is an important innovation for many reasons. One of these possibilities is blockchain immutability. This means that data on the blockchain in transparent and unalterable. Accordingly, […]

Expert Analysis: MobileGo Review (MGO coin)

MGO COIN Review by eCoin4dummies

MobileGo (MGO) is an ERC20 compliant token. It is designed to incentivize the participation, loyalty, and involvement in the Gamecredits ecosystem. In this article, we will give you a detailed MobileGo Review (MGO coin). Gamecredits is a mobile gaming store. And its default cryptocurrency is GAME, also often called as Gamecredits in reference. MobileGo helps […]

Expert Analysis: MIXIN Coin Review

Mixin coin by

Mixin is a distributed transactional network for digital assets. The assets can be other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. And it helps other public distributed ledgers to achieve trillions of transactions per second; that too with zero transaction fees. Later in this article, we will give expert analysis on Mixin coin — also represented […]

Dropil Token Review — Crypto Trading Made Effortless

dropil token review - ecoin4dummies

Dropil Token (DROP) Dropil Token a cryptocurrency trading platform that automates buying/selling using smart bots. Moreover, the platform helps you to make profits with arbitraging opportunities. Let’s take a deep dive into this Dropil Token Review to know more about it. DROP is the base token of the platform. It is an ERC-20 standard token and […]

AION Coin Price Prediction

Aion Coin

Aion coin is unique multi-tier blockchain system that aims at solving the scalability, privacy and interoperability problems of earlier blockchains. Notably, Aion coin is self-described as a Blockchain 3.0 coin. In this regard, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the original and 2.0 versions respectively. The Aion foundation built the Aion network.  Accordingly, the aim of the […]