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Reasons Why Bitcoin is not Dead

Bitcoin is not Dead

The turmoil surrounding Bitcoin prices since the start of the year has led to unflattering obituaries all over. Naysayers and even some initial believers in Bitcoin have reached the ominous conclusion; Bitcoin is dead. Some are more guarded in their pessimism and generally warn investors against touching the product. This may be fueled in part […]

What You Need to Know About Counterparty Wallet


Counterparty is a layer on top of Bitcoin blockchain, and it extends the functionality of Bitcoin. Counterparty works by encoding data into Bitcoin transactions. Thus, it will have the strong security of Bitcoin and provides additional features. Counterparty facilitates the creation of custom tokens, escrows, etc. So, Anyone can conduct Initial Coin Offerings with Counterparty. […]

Top Five Bitcoin Poker Sites

Bitcoin Poker

The association of Bitcoin and Poker is one of those inevitable natural alliances that were always bound to happen. This article highlights the top five Bitcoin poker sites which facilitate this alliance. After all, both have the element of risk and luck to the average person. Bitcoin poker is undoubtedly the most identifiable form of […]

Prizm Coin: A Self-Regulating Cryptocurrency

what is prizm coin

PRIZM Coin is a unique self-regulating cryptocurrency. PRIZM users are able to execute fast and secure transactions because of its fundamental framework. The platform thus provides simple, global and secure management of the money. The peer-to-peer system makes transactions instant and automatic. As a result, you get to control of capital at all times without […]

How to Buy Linda Coin (LINDA)

How to buy Linda Coin

Linda coin provides an anonymous cryptocurrency with a solid 70 percent PoS block reward phase and incredible earnings potential.  This article will provide a simple guide on how to buy Linda coin and safe ways of storing them. The earning potential is impressive because it utilizes master-nodes. The master-nodes facilitate lightning fast secured transactions, with […]

How to Buy Ravencoin (RVN)?

How to buy Ravencoin

Ravencoin is a blockchain platform that manages asset transfer and ownership. And, one can create custom tokens on the blockchain; hence, can conduct initial coin offerings. The project uses the forked source code of Bitcoin. In Ravencoin ecosystem, each asset will have a unique name, which is not the case in Ethereum; where two custom […]

Litecoin Mining in a Nutshell

litecoin mining

Litecoin is a fast alternative to Bitcoin. That was the core philosophy of Litecoin and used the Bitcoin source code as a starting point. Litecoin mining process is no different than Bitcoin mining. But it uses a different proof of work algorithm: Scrypt. And, has a faster block time of around 2.5 minutes. That is […]

Best Cryptocurrency To Invest in 2019

Best Cryptocurrency To Invest in 2019

The number of cryptocurrencies available is 1590 and counting. And, many of them are not going to perform well in the long run. But some cryptocurrencies will do quite well. In this post, we handpicked some of the best cryptocurrencies you can count on, with potential upside. We all know about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. […]

OChain: How To Buy OChain

How to Buy OChain

The one word you will hear constantly when discussing problems facing established coins is scalability. Successful entrepreneurs recognize problems and create solutions to fix them. This is precisely what 0chain developers created and marketed. 0Chain provides decentralization with sub-second finality and a self-forking capability for DApps. Consequently, there comes about an infinitely scalable platform that […]