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Articles about all types of Crypto Coins, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and more. How to use buy ethereum, how to buy tether and more !

Buy Power Ledger Coin – A Complete Guide (POWR)

how to buy power ledger coin - ecoin4dummies

Power Ledger is a decentralized platform for electricity trading. It enables peer-to-peer trading with the real-time settlement so that users can buy electricity whenever they need, and can sell the excess electricity they have. Also, small retailers can use this platform to sell electricity. Later in this article, we explain how to buy power ledger […]

How to Buy Kyber Network (KNC) Tokens from Binance

How to buy Kyber Network (KNC) tokens - ecoin4dummies

Kyber Network is, first of all, a protocol—a set of rules that are based in the Ethereum blockchain that facilitates the instant conversion of digital assets as tokens and coins. Read more below and how to Buy Kyber Network   In simple terms, Kyber Network is but a decentralized exchange with all transactions done on-chain thanks […]

How to buy Dentacoin (DCN)

how to buy DENTACOIN - ecoin4dummies

As the name suggests, Dentacoin is primarily made for the dental industry. It is a platform built on Ethereum blockchain. Dentists can integrate Dentacoin and start to accept payments in Dentacoin (DCN) and store patient data using the blockchain. And the patients can review the dentists after a visit. Sounds promising? Let us show you […]

How to Buy Ravencoin (RVN)?

How to buy Ravencoin

Ravencoin is a blockchain platform that manages asset transfer and ownership. And, one can create custom tokens on the blockchain; hence, can conduct initial coin offerings. The project uses the forked source code of Bitcoin. In Ravencoin ecosystem, each asset will have a unique name, which is not the case in Ethereum; where two custom […]

OChain: How To Buy OChain

How to Buy OChain

The one word you will hear constantly when discussing problems facing established coins is scalability. Successful entrepreneurs recognize problems and create solutions to fix them. This is precisely what 0chain developers created and marketed. 0Chain provides decentralization with sub-second finality and a self-forking capability for DApps. Consequently, there comes about an infinitely scalable platform that […]

LBRY – A Marketplace for Digital Content

lbry a marketplace for digital content

LBRY is a decentralized platform. On the platform, content creators can host their content. The content can be sold or can be given for free, putting the users in more control. The content storage is also decentralized with the help of network participants. In turn, users are rewarded for contributing processing power, disk space, and […]