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Reasons Why Bitcoin is not Dead

Bitcoin is not Dead

The turmoil surrounding Bitcoin prices since the start of the year has led to unflattering obituaries all over. Naysayers and even some initial believers in Bitcoin have reached the ominous conclusion; Bitcoin is dead.   Some are more guarded in their pessimism and generally warn investors against touching the product. This may be fueled in […]

Phore Coin – A Blockchain Ecosystem

phore coin - eCoin4dummies

Phore is a blockchain platform that accommodates decentralized applications (dApps), side chains, smart contracts, a decentralized marketplace, initial coin offerings, and atomic swaps. Simply put, Phore is an all-in-one blockchain ecosystem; more similar to Ethereum platform. Let us learn more about Phore and its Phore Coin (PHR) And, the default cryptocurrency of the platform is Phore […]

AEON: An Alternative To Monero (XMR)


AEON is a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency. But unlike Monero, you can send transparent transactions, optionally, that costs less fee and faster confirmations. And, Aeon uses CryptoNote-Lite for proof of work consensus, which as the name suggests is faster than CryptoNote algorithm. Also, AEON does blockchain pruning. That is abandoning old data that is no longer relevant. […]

What is CEFS Token And Cryptopia Fees Sharing?

CEFS is a token created by Cryptopia exchange, which is based out in New Zealand. Learn more about Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange here. Uses of CEFS The holders of CEFS tokens will be distributed 4.5% of all the trading fees earned by Cryptopia on a monthly basis. There are only 6,300 CEFS tokens are available in […]

Fortuna: A Blockchain Platform For The Global OTC Derivatives Market

Fortuna ICO

Fortuna intends to be the first blockchain based Over the Counter (OTC) derivatives market. This platform solves the problem of trust that beleaguers the OTC derivatives market. How does Fortuna achieve this? Fortuna uses the new consensus algorithm DPOSA, in addition to structured smart contracts and a decentralized quote scheme. Besides, digitalized supervision is needed […]

O-Chain: A Zero-Cost, Scalable Cloud Decentralized for DApps

O-Chain - Cloud Decentralized

O-Chain is a one of a kind zero-cost, fast and decentralized cloud. The self-forking utility platform is excellent for your off-chain (smart contract, data) for IoT, Enterprise and Web applications. At the moment, most DApps have pretty much all their code execution and data storage hosted on a centralized cloud such as Amazon Web Services […]