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AEON: An Alternative To Monero (XMR)


AEON is a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency. But unlike Monero, you can send transparent transactions, optionally, that costs less fee and faster confirmations. And, Aeon uses CryptoNote-Lite for proof of work consensus, which as the name suggests is faster than CryptoNote algorithm. Also, AEON does blockchain pruning. That is abandoning old data that is no longer relevant. […]

What is CEFS Token And Cryptopia Fees Sharing?

CEFS is a token created by Cryptopia exchange, which is based out in New Zealand. Learn more about Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange here. Uses of CEFS The holders of CEFS tokens will be distributed 4.5% of all the trading fees earned by Cryptopia on a monthly basis. There are only 6,300 CEFS tokens are available in […]

Fortuna: A Blockchain Platform For The Global OTC Derivatives Market

Fortuna ICO

Fortuna intends to be the first blockchain based Over the Counter (OTC) derivatives market. This platform solves the problem of trust that beleaguers the OTC derivatives market. How does Fortuna achieve this? Fortuna uses the new consensus algorithm DPOSA, in addition to structured smart contracts and a decentralized quote scheme. Besides, digitalized supervision is needed […]

O-Chain: A Zero-Cost, Scalable Cloud Decentralized for DApps

O-Chain - Cloud Decentralized

O-Chain is a one of a kind zero-cost, fast and decentralized cloud. The self-forking utility platform is excellent for your off-chain (smart contract, data) for IoT, Enterprise and Web applications. At the moment, most DApps have pretty much all their code execution and data storage hosted on a centralized cloud such as Amazon Web Services […]

Presearch: A Transparent Search Engine


As with anything in life, absolute power corrupts absolutely. The sheer soft power that certain software and tech giants wield is concerning. Recently, Facebook has been in the news for privacy violations concerns and this could be indicative of a trend industry-wide. That said, this article is not a knock on the usefulness of Google […]

What is Telegram ICO


Telegram is an instant messaging service similar to WhatsApp but with better privacy. Recently, It garnered the mark of 200 million users. And it is launching Telegram Open Network (TON or Telegram ICO) which will be integrated with the messaging application. Need for TON Existing blockchain architectures have scaling issues. The transaction capacities of the […]

Playboy wallet launch – What’s the effect?

playboy crypto wallet

The adult industry’s best known Playboy network has announced in a public statement that it will be launching its Crypto Wallet. The playboy crypto wallet will support multiple Cryptocurrencies beginning with Vice Industry Token (VIT). Vice is an entertainment platform where video content will be available for viewers. And everyone who adds, curates, or views […]

Venezuelan Cryptocurrency ‘petro’  

Venezuela Petro Coin

Venezuela is a beautiful country that has Angels Falls, which is the highest waterfall in the world. And the country is a natural habitat for diverse wildlife. The country has produced six Miss World winners. And Now it has largest oils reserves and tops the rankings. On the other hand, economic growth of the country […]

Kin – Decentralized Digital Services


Kin is a Cryptocurrency and a platform launched by the chat platform Kik. The Kin ecosystem consists of digital services and applications. And the platform will be governed by a non-profit as well as independent body of members. The Kik chat platform would be the first to join the Kin ecosystem. In the early stages, […]