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Articles about all types of Crypto Coins, and how to mine them. articles about how to mine monero, how to mine bitcoin cash and how to mine any other cryptocurrency.

Dash Mining in a Nutshell

Dash Mining

Dash is cryptocurrency designed by improving the Bitcoin protocol. And, it uses proof of work mining mechanism. The hashing algorithm is x11 which is a combination of 11 SHA-3 contestant algorithms. And the x11 algorithm is compatible with ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) based mining. In addition to general mining, which works similar to Bitcoin […]

Cardano (ADA) mining in a Nutshell

To be clear, ADA is all pre-mined. That is, no new ADA will be generated when a new block is published. But the mining process is still involved. And the transaction fees will go to the miners. Don’t know what Cardano is? Have a glimpse about Cardano here. Many confuse that mining means it must […]

Ethereum Mining in a Nutshell

Ethereum is the first ever blockchain platform – every blockchain platform will have something more to offer rather than just accommodating a cryptocurrency. Ether, core currency of Ethereum, is the second largest cryptocurrency, and highly anticipated to take over Bitcoin. Ether mining is simple and fast. You can publish a block every 15 seconds. And, […]

Cryptocurrency Mining in a Nutshell


Cryptocurrency mining is the process of validating, verifying, and maintaining the underlying transaction system. The role of miners and the rules pertaining to the act differ from one cryptocurrency to the other. In case of IOTA the transaction initiators will act as miners on a temporary basis, and in turn, there are no transaction fees. […]