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Articles about the Cryptocurrencies Law in countries that have regulated bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like the Japan Cryptocurrencies Law, USA cryptocurrencies law and more.
The articles explain about the law in each country that have regulated any kind of cryptocurrency, or the operation of the crypto exchanges.

Indian Banks to Stop Crypto Transactions

Indian Cryptocurrency Regulation

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) aka the central bank of India that controls monetary policy notified banks and financial institutions to stop servicing entities and individuals that deal with cryptocurrencies. The policy is not entirely effective immediately. The banks that are already servicing crypto-entities have a three month period to unravel their existing ties. And […]

Smart Contracts On Bitcoin Blockchain

bitcoin smart contracts

When it comes to smart contracts, Ethereum is the holy grail. And that is mostly due to its flexibility and security. That said, Bitcoin blockchain is also capable of enforcing smart contracts. But the types of smart contracts one can deploy are only a few. Some popular smart contract types are: Escrow and Arbitration – […]

Coinbase Obtains E-Money License in the UK

coinbase uk license

The Financial Conduct Authority of UK has granted Coinbase e-money license that lets the wallet and exchange platform to do fiat activities. And that means users can sit back that their funds would be more secure. But the license does not apply to Cryptocurrencies or crypto assets. So, if the company gets into any sort […]

Regulators Unhappy with Exchanges


On 8 March 2018, the Financial Services Agencies (FSA), which oversees the securities and exchange operations in Japan, took charges on seven exchanges. The reasons were that these exchanges failed to follow strict rules on money laundering, bad users’ fund safety, and inadequate internal policies. Five cryptocurrency exchanges – Tech Bureau, GMO Coin, Bicrements, Mr. […]

India – Cryptocurrency regulate or a total ban?

India regulates bitcoin

Until now, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has only warned citizens about the risk of investing in Cryptocurrencies and it just yet needs to ratify the Indian cryptocurrencies regulations. The Registrar of Companies (RoC) stopped approving the Cryptocurrency exchange registrations. It is almost impossible to register a company whose names include terms like bit, […]

Cryptocurrency Law US – Bitlicense and others

Cryptocurrency Law

Before involving in the Cryptocurrency law in the US, it is ideal to have an overview of what cryptocurrency is. It is important to know that cryptocurrency notably the Bitcoin is a side product of an invention in which the inventor Satoshi Nakamoto‘s intention was not to invent a currency. But he ended up creating […]