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Articles about the Cryptocurrencies Law in countries that have regulated bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like the Japan Cryptocurrencies Law, usa cryptocurrencies law and more.

How to evaluate any ICO? – The Basics

evaluate icos

The Cryptocurrency arena is transforming from hype-based to value-based. For example, if a currency has speculations that it might go big then it would work as people think it is the next big thing. Similarly, ICOs in the early 2017 and before were so few and so successful. But, Nowadays ICOs are becoming mainstream, and […]

South Korea – How will the government regulate cryptocurrency on south korea?

south-korea regulate cryptocurrencies

How it all started With cryptocurrency trading showing a tremendous increase in the last couple of years, many South Korean traders have been asking questions about how the Government would regulate cryptocurrency trading. In South Korea, the currency exchange rates are about 43% higher than the exchange rates in other countries. The market conditions, i.e., […]

India – Cryptocurrency regulate or a total ban?

India regulates bitcoin

Until now, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has only warned citizens about the risk of investing in Cryptocurrencies and it just yet needs to ratify the Indian cryptocurrencies regulations. The Registrar of Companies (RoC) stopped approving the Cryptocurrency exchange registrations. It is almost impossible to register a company whose names include terms like bit, […]

Japan Cryptocurrencies Law


Recently the price of BTC hit over 6,000 USD, thanks to Japanese lawmakers. Bitcoin and few other currencies: Ether, Ripple, etc., are a legal tender in the Japan cryptocurrencies law. Merchants across the country can accept the virtual currencies. Many countries are yet to make clear calls on how to legalize Cryptocurrencies. Often, mindless financial experts […]