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CPChain: A Cyber Physical Chain

CPChain: A Cyber Physical Chain

CPChain is a uniquely designed, decentralized data infrastructure suitable for large-scale IoT systems. Its combination of the advantages of blockchain technology, encryption in computation and storage for IOTs serves this end. Consequently, CPChain utility platform solves issues faced by the rapidly of Internet of things system. The Internet of things is growing at an insane […]

Is Futurenet a scam?


The remarkable promise of some online advertising platforms can at times be too good to be true. As a matter of fact, certain platforms have ridden on the cryptocurrency mania to defraud unsuspecting investors. Consequently, the task of ascertaining how legitimate burgeoning platforms are has become supremely important. Let’s pass one of these companies, Futurenet, […]

What Can Bitcoin Learn from Ethereum

bitcoin vs ethereum

Ethereum vs Bitcoin the biggest crypto war so far. Launch of Ethereum was at a much later date than Bitcoin but it has already managed to position itself as the closest competitor of the world’s premier cryptocurrency. Here are some of the things that Bitcoin can learn from Ethereum in 2018. Cryptocurrency economics Ethereum is […]

Coinbase to Support ERC20 tokens!


Coinbase to support ERC20 tokens! That’s terrific news for all crypto investors. That’s because Coinbase one of the largest exchanges in the market, and any decisions they make have an impact on the entire market. When the news broke out about the Coinbase’s support for Bitcoin Cash, the BCH price spiked up a lot. That […]

Overwinter – A Zcash network upgrade

zcash overwinter network upgrade

Zcash is getting ready for its first ever hard fork. Overwinter is the name of the upgrade. Users and third-party developers like wallet providers need to be up to date with the software to be compatible with the upgrade. Often, people confuse hard forks with the creation of new coins. And would look for airdrop […]

Binance to launch a Decentralized Exchange

binace decentrallized exchange, binance chain

The cryptocurrency exchange Binance rose to the fame within six months of its launch, and it is not stopping there. On 13 March 2018, the exchange announced in a public statement that Binance plans to launch a decentralized exchange by implementing a new blockchain called Binance chain. The blockchain will be responsible for trading and […]

Ledger Nano S Updates Its Firmware

Ledger Nano S Firmware Update

A cryptocurrency wallet is any online or offline software that secures your private keys. It is that simple. The blockchain protocol mandates regular coin release whenever validation of blocks happens. In the crypto world, you must secure your coin’s private since it legitimizes transactions within the blockchain network. Ledger Nano S Wallets are Secure There […]

Genesis Trading – Lend Bitcoin to Businesses

Genesis Lending

Genesis Trading has a new arm for cryptocurrencies lending. Don’t get too excited though. This service is only available for institutional investors and businesses. For those who might not be aware, Genesis Trading is an institutional market maker. It is a  division of SecondMarket Inc which is wholly owned by DCG group. DCG Group aims […]