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ENIGMA (ENG): A Blockchain Privacy And Scalability Solution

what is enigma

In these early years of Blockchain development, two problems became apparent to many. These are scalability issues and glaring privacy concerns. Introducing Enigma coin, which happens to solves both! What is Enigma? Aptly named, Enigma platform is an off-chain network that adds secondary layers of data storage and computation to complement blockchain networks. As a […]

Viacoin Mining in a Nutshell

viacoin ecoin4dummies

Viacoin is designed to make micropayments secure and cheap. And, Viacoin architecture is drawn from the Bitcoin protocol. The blocktime of Viacoin is just 24 seconds. That is, transactions get confirmed much faster than you see with Bitcoin. Moreover, Viacoin has atomic-swap feature built-in. Without using any third-party exchange, you can purchase other compatible cryptocurrencies […]

Namecoin Mining in a Nutshell

namecoin - ecoin4dummies

Namecoin is a decentralized blockchain platform that is designed for privacy, censorship resistance, security, and internet infrastructure. As the name suggests, Namecoin has a name registry, where anyone can register human-readable names. With these names, one can create online identities. Also, it has a .bit domain name registry system. These domains work with the help […]

SaluS – The Crypto Investment Advisor

salus coin

SaluS is a platform that provides information, expert analysis, and trading suggestions on cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICO). The cryptocurrency of the platform is SaluS coin (SLS). And the circulating supply is around 1 million tokens. To have access to the SaluS services, you must be in the top 50 rich list of SaluS […]

The State of Crypto Ad Ban

the state of crypto ad ban

From social media leaders Facebook and Twitter to search engine giant Google have banned ads on their platforms that are related to cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs). The rising popularity and increased public interest in virtual currencies has led to more scams and frauds. The big tech companies have used this reason to ban […]

Crypto Women on The Rise

Women in Crypto

The number of women in Crypto has almost doubled since the start of the year. This is according to a recent study by the UK based crypto exchange London Block Exchange. Accordingly, the figures showed a rise from approximately 6 percent to 13 percent since January. Understandably, millennial women lead the pack. “There’s still a […]

DECENT: A Blockchain Content Distribution Platform


DECENT is synonymous with a simple but important function: Content distribution. The platform allows users to purchase, sell and even share content without having to pay middlemen fees or using centralized agencies. Additionally, authors can share content with consumers using blockchain technology and Bit-Torrent’s platform’s upgraded version. This is an automated process and has no […]

Facebook Reverses Ban on Cryptocurrency Ads

Facebook Reverse Crypto Ban

Facebook announced about the decisions to reverse the cryptocurrency ban from their platform. Earlier this year, Facebook decided to ban all cryptocurrency related ads, there was no difference for them if the page was small or big, no crypto advertisement of any kind. soon to follow were google, twitter, Linkedin, Outbrain and the entire online advertising […]