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Centralized Exchange: Problems Cryptocurrency Exchanges Face

Centralized Exchange - eCoin4dummies

The Centralized Exchange plays an important cog in the blockchain and cryptocurrency realm. Any functional centralized cryptocurrency exchange serves as a match maker. It is a platform where sellers and buyers meet enabling funds to flow into cryptocurrency pumping or dumping coins as a result. In exchange for fees, these funnels are simply indispensable. However, […]

Cardano Rust Project is Live, Charles Hoskinson say Toolbox a “Proof of Concept”

Cardano Rust Project - eCoin4dummies

Cardano Rust Project is the latest open source project to go live from the smart contracting platform. While speaking at the Cardano Anniversary, Charles Hoskinson the co-founder of the Cardano platform and Ethereum Classic said he is proud of the toolbox.     Rust Project, he says, proves a point that Cardano as a platform […]

AELF Coin Price Prediction for 2019

aelf coin price prediction

AELF is a blockchain platform that decentralizes cloud computing. The nodes in the network provide computing power. And any decentralized application can run on the network parallelly. So, even if some nodes go offline or new nodes come online, the computing power adjusts according to the needs. Later in this article, we will give our […]

Cryptocurrency Advertising Ban Lifted by Google

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Google, the California based search engine is reversing their stand on cryptocurrency advertising. This comes less than four months after effecting their blanket ban on Cryptocurrency Advertising. The initial google ban on cryptocurrency and trading advice, wallets and initial coin offerings (ICOs) saw the market lose up to $60 billion in 24 hours. It was […]

Loopring Price Prediction: An Expert’s Take on the Loopring Token

Loopring Price Prediction

Loopring is an automated exchange platform that can make the activity of trading much simpler for investors. This is because the platform trades across cryptocurrency exchanges while making transactions more secure and cheaper. You will read here our take on the Loopring Price Prediction. Loopring can support public blockchains that utilize Ethereum tokens. The uniqueness […]

Bancor (BNT) Coin Review – An Expert Opinion

Bancor Coin Review

Have you checked several Bancor Coin Review online?  This coin rings interest on most of you, right? Well, Here’s our take on it. Bancor Coin Review Bancor Network is a cryptocurrency liquidity platform. Here anyone can swap tokens, and it is more like converting from one token to another. On the Bancor network, the price […]