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CoinMiner – A WP Monero Miner by eCoin4Dummies

I wanted to introduce our new old wordpress plugin that helps you mine Monero (XMR) on your website, it's called CoinMiner.

We need to mention we are not mining from our users, but we do support giving a way to website owners to monetize their website to get some income with their sites.

The Monero miner wordpress plugin (CoinMiner) is using the mining services of coinImp, and CoinHive. you should use this plugin with informing the users about the mining process, allowing them to opt in before using their computer to mine.

To learn more about Monero watch miss Marilyn Monero explaining exactly what Monero is.

while some have debated the effects on the users computers, we didn't see any problem running it on our computers for long periods of time.


This plugin helps you to earn money from visitors on your site by using their computing power to mine cryptocurrency named monero or XMR.
The Plugin allows the use of coinimp, and coinhive miners.
It also allows you to check which user is mining how much, and more advanced mining options.
The plugin uses 3rd party services to mine from the user, each “mining” user, will call one of the following files to mine:
https://authedmine.com/lib/authedmine.min.js – coinhive with opt in js miner
https://coinhive.com/lib/coinhive.min.js – coinhive js miner
https://www.freecontent.bid./IbdT.js – coinimp js miner


  • Mine on Users CPU
  • **User Concent ** Ask users before using their computer to mine. This feature isn’t blocked by adblocks or antiviruses.
  • Delayed mining, **start mining faster or slower after X minutes.
  • User Stats How many users mined today, how many time a user visited and the site, and how much he mined.
  • statistics for total hashes, hashes running per seconds, total pending monero to payout (only supported by coinhive)
  • Block for Mobile Option
  • Multiple Miners try a few miners and decide which one earns you more !

Coin Miner

All signup instructions and download links can be found with images under the plugin setting, or the wordpress plugin page here.

signup to CoinImp:

1) Go to CoinImp click signup
2) Fill in your email address and create a password.
3) Login to CoinImp
4) Go to Dashboard
5) Add new site
6) Click on “Generate Site Code for Background Mining
7) Copy The Value from the ‘ashdjkoiuy76978g76a’ (see image) – this is your private Secret Key – go to plugin setting and paste it

Signup to CoinHive:

1) Go to https://CoinHive.com click signup
2) Fill in your email address and create a password.
3) Verify your signup email
4) Login to Coin-Hive
5) go to Setting -> Sites and API Keys
6) Under your site fill in your website name Copy your Public Site Key, and your Private Secret Key to the plugin setting

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