CPChain: A Cyber Physical Chain

CPChain: A Cyber Physical Chain

CPChain is a uniquely designed, decentralized data infrastructure suitable for large-scale IoT systems. Its combination of the advantages of blockchain technology, encryption in computation and storage for IOTs serves this end. Consequently, CPChain utility platform solves issues faced by the rapidly of Internet of things system.

The Internet of things is growing at an insane rate as new ICOs are introduced daily. That said, the industry still has lingering problems and they are as follows;

  • Cost
  • Security
  • Scalability

CPChain comes in to provide solutions. Presently, the environment of IoT devices consists of high-cost and isolated IoT solutions. Data centers typically handle a single project and not structured to communicate with other data centers. This creates a bottleneck. IoT devices are limited in functionality.

Why CPChain?

CPChain provides the solution as it fully integrates blockchain technology. The open nature of the technology means that developers and manufacturers can access the decentralized IOT platform created. As a result, the CPChain lowers costs and the bottleneck within the current IoT system resolved.

This means that blockchain technology effectively solves scalability issues. For instance, when an intelligent device such as a cellphone interacts with the blockchain, the whole network is required to work on the interaction. This is because respective nodes in the network store similar data and perform same tasks.

Instead, this platform operates using parallel architecture by having two parallel blockchains in place. Now, when the cellphone comes into contact with the network; one blockchain stores a portion of the cellphone’s data. The other does the task of solving any transactional needs or creating smart contracts. As a result, there is overall speed improvement and scalability with no effect on block capacity.

Blockchain technology should offer privacy and security. For this reason, the internet of things has to be trustworthy & secure.CPChain guarantees security while making transactions faster and cheaper. As a result the whole IoT experience becomes better.

CPChain User Case Application

The platform offers variety of use cases. Let’s go through a few;

  1. Big data- This can be for professional or educational purposes.
  2. Auto insurance in determining risk- A real life example is the collection and analysis of driver and vehicle data.
  3. Real time travel monitoring.

CPChain churns a large amount of data. This will be available to users like universities, small & medium sized companies and research institutions. This will enable these institutions to greatly ease the acquisition of data as well as reduce costs.

The founders are Dr. Long Chengnian and Dr. Zhao Bin. Both have great experience in IoT systems and their future guidance will be an asset. Besides, they have a great team to help them along in actualizing the project.

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