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What does ecoin mean? It is the latest and fastest-growing cryptocurrency in the world. It is the easiest cryptocurrency to signup and earns up to 200 ecoins. Ecoin is an AI-based email proxy identity engine aimed at launching the world’s largest airdrop. What does this mean? This website uses your email as your identity. When you sign up, you are given a unique ecoin address. You can then use this address to receive ecoins from other users. You can also use it to send ecoins to other users. The ecoin network is secure and anonymous. All transactions are recorded on a blockchain. This means that ecoins are safe from inflation and hacking. Ecoins are also fast and cheap to send. The ecoin team is constantly working on new features and applications for the coin. There is a bright future for ecoin!


How do you make money on Ecoin?

eCoins are your credits, the virtual currency with which you will be able to benefit from the offers in the reward area and unlock advanced features (soon). eCoins are automatically generated by earning XP. The scale is as follows: For 10 XP obtained, you earn 1 eCoin. You can check your current amount of eCoins in the “Me” section of the app. How to earn XP? Complete activities belonging to eight different categories (Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking, Vocabulary, Grammar, Pronunciation and Culture). The more activities you complete, the more XP you earn! For example: If you complete a reading activity and a grammar exercise, you will earn XP for both Reading and Grammar. Some activities are worth more than others. For example: A grammar exercise is worth more XP than a listening exercise because it requires more effort. You can check how many XP an activity is worth before starting it. When you finish an activity, your total amount of XP will be updated immediately. If you want to see your progress over time, go to the “Statistics” section. There you will find information about the number of activities you have completed and the XP you have earned in each category. Good luck!


What is the value of one Ecoin?

ECOIN Price Statistics
Ecoin official Price $0.000201
Price Change24h -$0.000049 19.60%
24h Low / 24h High $0.000201 / $0.00025
Trading Volume24h $125.94 11.36%
Volume / Market Cap No Data
2 more rows


Is Ecoin official legit?

The network claimed to be a phone company, but it was really a scam. They would offer users a free trial, but then they would start charging them for services they never used. The network would also store user data, like email addresses and phone numbers, and use it to try to sell them other products. Worse yet, once users tried to withdraw their money, they found that they could never do so. The network had blocked their accounts and would not respond to their inquiries. In short, this network was a complete scam, and anyone who signed up for it lost their money.



How many Ecoin makes a dollar?

As of 2:49 am, 1000 ECOIN is worth $2.06. That’s $2.06 more than the same amount of ECOIN 1 year ago. The table below shows the ECOIN conversion rates for different time periods.

1 year ago

100 ECOIN$0.0000

500 ECOIN$0.0000

1000 ECOIN$0.0000

5 more rowsECOIN has seen a great deal of growth in the past year, and this trend looks set to continue. Those who invest early stand to make a significant profit as the value of ECOIN increases. With 1000 ECOIN currently worth over $2, now is an excellent time to invest in this exciting new currency.


Where can I trade Ecoin?

Exchange listingsExchangesECOIN price24h volume1 INDOEX$ 0.002054$ 722.06 $ 0.002052 ProBit$ 0.0002800$ 243.21 $ 0.000280

What is the price of ECN today?

ECN Price Live DataChangeAmount%Today$ 8e-7+0%



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