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Tom Miller’s involvement in Danny Solano’s death was finally revealed in last night’s season finale of Gracepoint. As it turns out, Tom accidentally hit Danny with an oar while trying to defend him from Joe. This revelation has sent shockwaves through the town of Gracepoint, as everyone thought that Joe was the killer.

The news has been especially hard on Ellie and Joe, as they have to grapple with the fact that their son is responsible for Danny’s death. Ellie is devastated that her son could have done something so terrible, and she is struggling to forgive him. Joe, on the other hand, is angry and resentful towards Tom. He can’t believe that his own son could have killed Danny, and he wants nothing to do with him.

It will be interesting to see how Ellie and Joe deal with this news in the coming weeks, and whether or not they will be able to forgive Tom for what he did.


Is the Gracepoint ending different from Broadchurch?

While the U.S. remake of Broadchurch is technically a different show, it is interesting to note the similarities between the two. For one, both series deal with the investigation of a young boy’s murder and the subsequent impact on the small town where the crime took place. Additionally, both shows feature a intriguing cast of characters, each with their own secrets and agendas. However, the biggest difference between Broadchurch and Gracepoint lies in the way that the story is being told. According to Fox executives, Gracepoint will have a different ending than its British counterpart. Additionally, there is a formatting change based on the way American television deals with commercial breaks; Broadchurch was eight episodes of about 50 minutes each, whereas Gracepoint is going to be 10 episodes of about 42 minutes each. While it remains to be seen how these changes will affect the overall viewing experience, it will be interesting to see how Gracepoint stacks up against its predecessor.


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Is Gracepoint and Broadchurch the same story?

Gracepoint is an American crime drama television series created by Chris Chibnall. The show is a remake of Chibnall’s UK drama series Broadchurch, and stars that series’ lead, David Tennant, as one of two detectives investigating the murder of a boy in a small, tightly knit coastal town Gracepoint. The series also stars Anna Gunn as the other detective on the case. In the UK, Broadchurch was extremely successful, critical acclaimed and praised for its tight plotting and complex characters. The US version is very similar to the original, with some key differences. Perhaps the most significant change is the setting; while Broadchurch is set in a small town in England, Gracepoint moves the action to a small town in California. This change gives the show a different feel, and also allows for some new twists and turns in the investigation. With its stellar cast and interesting premise, Gracepoint is sure to be a hit with American audiences.


Was there a season 2 of Gracepoint?

After just one season, FOX has decided to cancel Gracepoint. The Thursday night drama, which was a remake of the UK series Broadchurch, failed to draw in enough viewers to warrant a second season. However, all is not lost for fans of the show. Although there are no plans for another season on FOX, there is still a possibility that Gracepoint could be picked up by another network. At this point, it is hard to say whether or not that will happen. For now, fans will have to wait and see if any other networks express interest in the show. In the meantime, they can always rewatch the first and only season of Gracepoint to get their fix.


What was the American version of Broadchurch?

“Gracepoint” is a remake of the British cop drama “Broadchurch.” The original version aired on ITV in the UK and was also quite successful in the US on BBC America. The remake, however, is curious because it aired on Fox. While the original was a huge hit, the remake was not as well-received. Many viewers felt that the American version was not as good as the British original. In particular, they felt that the characters were not as well-developed and that the plot was not as believable. Some also thought that the setting was not as effective in the US version. Overall, while “Gracepoint” is an interesting attempt at a remake, it does not quite live up to the original.


Did the cast of Broadchurch know who the killer was?

Broadchurch star Olivia Colman has revealed that she knew who Danny Latimer’s killer was all along – despite it being one of TV’s best kept secrets. The actress, who played DI Ellie Miller in the hit ITV drama, said she was given the information by showrunner Chris Chibnall before filming began on the first series. “I knew from very early on,” she told Radio Times. “Chris told me straight away and I remember thinking, ‘How am I going to keep this?'” The secret was so well-guarded that even some of the show’s cast and crew were kept in the dark – with only a handful of people knowing the identity of the murderer. “There were a lot of directions it could have gone in,” said Olivia. “So everyone had their own theories.” The revelation comes as Broadchurch prepares to return for its third and final series – with the show’s stars promising that it will be just as gripping as ever. “I think anyone who’s loved Broadchurch over the last two series is in for a real treat,” said David Tennant, who plays DI Alec Hardy. “It’s got everything that you want from Broadchurch… and more.” Olivia added: “It’s very emotional – as you’d expect – but it’s also really rather wonderful.”


Why did Broadchurch stop?

Broadchurch was a show that captured the hearts of viewers around the world. The gripping drama followed the residents of a small town as they coped with a tragedy, and the stellar cast helped to bring the characters to life. However, despite its popularity, Broadchurch was cancelled after just three seasons. The decision was reportedly made because the writers felt they had exhausted all the storylines. Additionally, there was a concern that continuing the series would stretch the “plausibility” of the plot. While many fans were disappointed by the cancellation, it’s understandable why ITV chose to end Broadchurch while it was still on top.



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