DECENT: A Blockchain Content Distribution Platform

DECENT is synonymous with a simple but important function: Content distribution. The platform allows users to purchase, sell and even share content without having to pay middlemen fees or using centralized agencies.

Additionally, authors can share content with consumers using blockchain technology and Bit-Torrent’s platform’s upgraded version. This is an automated process and has no geographical limitations.


This platform holds a myriad of advantages when compared to similar traditional platforms. Notably, and perhaps most important is the censorship resistance users enjoy. This made possible by the decentralization heralded by blockchain technology. There is no central authority to dictate what consumers can or can’t get.

Second, content creators get to keep the full percentage of the acquired profits. This is because middlemen are eliminated and content moves directly from creators to consumers. The consumers get fairer prices as well.

Lastly, the DECENT recommendation, reputation and feedback system improves customer experience. This is because they are treated in equal terms.

How does it work?

As mentioned earlier, Decent is a decentralized application. The platform relies on its Proof of Custody/Proof of Work blockchain. This system is completed by the platforms native value token known as DCT (Decent).

The proof of custody system is important as it means the publishers need to show evidence that they possess the content. This proof is in the form of an encrypted file using zero knowledge proofs.

The platform is also unique in the sense that it gives content creators freedom to select prices of uploaded content. The price can go as low as zero but of course depends on the author.

Files are split and encrypted before uploading on the main network. It is only after this that the content is available to users. Miners host the uploaded content but lack the power to make alterations or determination as to the content.

Sharing is reliant on a modified and upgraded version of the BitTorrent protocol. The nodes facilitate the process by acting as seeders. That said, the platform still does the decryption and encryption of the file.

The network is solid and as such Decent has a strong reputation. Users are able to access the right content and the developers get a lifetime reputation.


This platform is established and has gained some reputable backers. These include popular media outlets. Some of the partners include NewsBTC and Coremedia.

Additionally, certain companies such as Miner Gate, a blockchain firm and Naughty America have joined up.

Last but not least, DECENT received $10,000 from Google Grants. This may be for research purposes but backing of such a tech superpower is always great for burgeoning startups.

All in all Decent is one of the real life text book examples of the blockchain revolution. This is because it has revolutionized a sector (data distribution) by adding the efficiency of the blockchain.

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