DoubleBitcoin: Easy Way to Double your Bitcoins Every 24 Hours

DoubleBitcoin is a platform where investors deposit as low as 0.000050 BTC and after 24 hours, a deposit of 0.000100 BTC is channeled to the receiving Bitcoin address of the investor as the initial investment double. From online reviews, the site is getting traction. At the time of press, the site has been online for 148 days. The good thing about DoubleBitcoin is that payments are instant. After 24 hours, the initial investment is double.

So far 151497.75058692 BTCs have been deposited from 324685 investors. At the same time frame, 139919.33150771 BTCs did benefit 592,505 individuals. Their mode of operation is more communal because the platform claims that all proceeds are from new investments and when “one participant asks for help — the other help”. As a matter of fact, the site charges no fees for their services.

Advantages of DoubleBitcoin

The platform continues to rake in fans because of the confidence they have on DoubleBitcoin and the simple fact that Bitcoin is global.  Payment is instant partly because of efficiency the team demands. Signing up is easy, all you need to do is to indicate the receiving Bitcoin wallet address. There is no need of signing contracts or mortgaging houses or the hustle of following up with creditors or debtors. Participants can only deposit Bitcoin because it is the only sure way of escaping high transaction costs.

Security Measures in Place

Aside from that, there is automation and for the expedition, they use fast and reliable VPS Cloud Hosting. This way, their servers can handle all forms of transactions regardless of the time and rate of transaction processing.  To bolster against hacks, DoubleBitcoin works with professionals for network security and to secure funds. They have a strong 5 Gbps DDoS Protection with a 99 percent up-time guarantee complete with a Complex Layer 7 Protection. Furthermore, there is a Global CDN Acceleration, a Global Protected DNS, Web Application Firewall and Certified SSL certificate for authenticating and securing connection to the site.

There is a 50 percent Affiliate commission for the site promoter from every affiliate’s deposit. Payment like those from investors is instant and automated.

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