DragonChain: Be Free to Chose and Scale Without Compromising Security

DragonChain ambition is to usher in a new era of blockchain technology. To make this possible, DragonChain is building a platform that levers on blockchain to serve human needs. Disney was the original developers of the platform as Disney Private Blockchain Platform. However, in 2016, they delegated it to the DragonChain foundation as an open source software. Nevertheless, the original ambition of the platform has never changed. The foundation is actively helping out companies to incorporate blockchain technology into their businesses. No doubt, the benefits of using blockchain are numerous. Because it is completely serverless with no point of control, there is security and efficiency.

This is how DragonChain is Unique

The main objective of DragonChain is to create this ramp, a facilitator that will easily jump-start use allowing companies to integrate blockchain via common development stacks as Java. Because of this drive, companies can easily and confidently create smart contracts in programming languages that they are used to. Besides, there are smart contract libraries that they can make use of saving time that would otherwise be used in research.

In a bid to achieve their objectives, the DragonChain network is made up of three main components: The DragonChain platform is where users can create smart contracts using common programming languages and for storing clients data. At the same time, this is where users get access to Amazon Web Services. Secondly, there is the Crowd-Scaled Incubator where businesses can develop projects in an incubator using the platform’s laid out standardized process. It is from these incubators that investors from all over the world can review and later scale the project if they find value in their mission vision statement. Lastly, there is Marketplace where clients have access to the platform’s smart contract libraries.

For smooth operation, the network must be secure. Though they offer the same services as Ethereum, DragonChain lays emphasis on security. To that end, they have in place five levels of consensus including Business, Enterprise, Network Diversity, Notary and Checkpoint Verification.

DragonChain Price Prediction


In November 2018, DragonChain was awarded the InterChain patent in the US. This reaffirmed the platform’s mission of providing solutions to scalability, security and flexibility issues. While at it, FlowPlay is finding utility in DragonChain. But there are many use cases that the network offer solid solutions.

This is why we expect prices to expand in the coming days. In the last day, DRGN–the native currency of the platform is exchanging hands at $0.097264.  It is up 13 percent in the last day at the time of press. Investors can buy the coin at Kucoin and other supporting exchanges. Thereafter they can store the coin’s private keys at MyEtherWallet or any other ETH supporting wallet.

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