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Dropil Token Review — Crypto Trading Made Effortless

Dropil Token (DROP)

Dropil Token a cryptocurrency trading platform that automates buying/selling using smart bots. Moreover, the platform helps you to make profits with arbitraging opportunities. Let's take a deep dive into this Dropil Token Review to know more about it.

DROP is the base token of the platform. It is an ERC-20 standard token and has a total supply limit of 30 billion tokens.

For the Dropil initial coin offering (ICO), 15 billion tokens have been allotted. All the unsold tokens in the ICO will be destroyed or distributed using specific criteria.

Of the total supply, 35% of the tokens are held by Dropil. Another 15% of the tokens are held in reserve for future liquidation needs.

The ICO price of a DROP was 0.005 USD. It also had a Pre-ICO.

The Dropil ICO has ended on 7 Mar 2018. There is an estimate of 60 million USD worth of tokens sold.

How Dropil Platform works?

First, you need to buy some Drop tokens. You can get them from cryptocurrency exchanges: IDAX and Tidex.

Then, on the Dropil platform, choose the number of DROP tokens you would like to invest. Here, you can select the risk type from low to aggressive based on your appetite for risk and returns.

And based on your preferences DEX—intelligent trading bot—will do all the work for you.

At present, Dropil team has released Arthur 2.0. Arthur helps users with arbitraging opportunities.

Plus, you can withdraw your money in any popular currency available on the platform.

Dropil is promising a 5% monthly return and a 50% annual return depending on the amount of risk you take.

The better part is that everything on Dropil is free, from trading to arbitrage. As long as you hold DROP tokens, the services will be available to you.

Dropil Token Review

Dropil is one of many examples of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can revolutionize cryptocurrency trading. That too when it’s getting hard for regular traders to catch the trends in the crypto-markets.

Moreover, Dropil will launch its own exchange in the first quarter of 2019.

Would you leave your money in the hands of bots to manage and trade? Comment your thoughts below.

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