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The Foundation name and the terms Ethereum Switzerland, Ethereum Asia, the Foundation logo, all related names, logos and product/service names as well slogans, are trademarks owned by the Foundation, its affiliates and licensors. These marks must not be used without the Foundation’s prior written permission.


Can you use cryptocurrency logos?

The Bitcoin Logo is available for commercial and noncommercial use. However, copyright may apply to modified versions. The official logo was actually released under the Creative Commons public domain license. This license is the most permissive.


Is the word ETH trademarked?

ETHEREUM Trademark of Stiftung Ethereum (Foundation Ethereum) – Registration Number 5110579 – Serial Number 86634529 :: Justia Trademarks.


Are crypto names copyrighted?

However, the name is not used in practice. cryptocurrency You can trademark your ideas, as you can see in the case with the cryptocurrency ‘RIPPLE. ‘ “RIPPLE.” coinRegister trademark cryptocurrency This can be difficult considering the general rule. However, it is possible when a company gives its personal touch.


What does Ethereum logo mean?

There is an empty space between top four triangles and bottom two triangles. Ethereum logo. There’s no official explanation for that, but it’s believed that the emblem is a polyhedron—symbolizing many possibilities, even when they don’t seem to be there.


Is the XRP logo copyrighted?

Ripple (The company has an active or “live” For trademark “XRP” (See picture below). The “XRP” OpenCoin, Inc. filed a trademark for protection with US Patent and Trademark Office in 2013.


Is the SafeMoon logo copyrighted?

You are prohibited from using our logo or any protected rights for commercial purposes. Please contact if you wish to discuss further. Our logo may be used only for promotion. SafeMoon You can use your personal website, social networks and other related platforms.


Is the Ethereum symbol copyrighted?

The Foundation name, terms Ethereum Switzerland, Ethereum Asia, the Foundation logo, and all related names and logos for product and service names and designs, as well as slogans, are trademarks of either the Foundation or affiliates or licensors. These marks must not be used without the Foundation’s prior written permission.


Is Dogecoin logo copyrighted?

The Dogecoin Foundation announced on Twitter on Wednesday that it had registered “Doge,” “Dogecoin” and the associated logos as trademarks in Europe. The certificate in the tweet was posted Jan. 13, 2022.


Is Ethereum legal?

Yes. Yes. It is legal in the United States to buy, mine, trade, and pay with ether or ETH. It can only be used lawfully and not for illegal purposes. Residents of the United States should be aware that there are restrictions on using it. Ethereum Federal income tax implications are important to consider.



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