can someone generate the same ethereum private key as me

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First, let’s talk about the benefits. walletThe private key of a person is not disclosed, but it is generated randomly. Next, the public key is extracted from it. Finally, the address is derived using the public key. Although it is possible for someone to randomly generate the same private keys, the odds of this happening are extremely low.


Can private key be duplicated?

Cryptography features both public and private keys. While you can generate many private keys using a single private key, you cannot generate a public key from the same public key address.


Is it possible for 2 different Ethereum private keys to have the same Ethereum address explain why or why not?

In EthereumA private key is 256-bit in length, while an address is only 160-bit. By “Pigeonhole Principle”This guarantees that all private keys are unique and map to the same address. Theoretically, 2 ** 96 unique private keys maps to one address on average.


How are Ethereum private keys generated?

It is essential to find a reliable source of entropy or randomness in order to generate keys. How to create an Ethereum private key involves picking a number between 1 and 2²??. Ethereum Software generates 256 random bits by using the random number generator in the underlying operating systems.


Can two wallets have same private key?

You can have two keys to generate the same address. There are 2160 addresses and 2256 private keys. So each address corresponds approximately to 2(256–160)=296private keys. Each of these addresses will produce the same address, and you can spend the money that it holds.


Can two people generate the same Bitcoin address?

Creator of the Bitcoin Network has created a highly adaptable system that, through decentralization ensures everyone has the chance to use the network without needing to register their addresses with anyone. This is without worrying that two people could ever use the same address.


Can two wallets have the same seed phrase?

Yes. Multiple instances can be made of the same seed phrase and derivation path if you use the same one. wallet. A wallet It does not “contain” you bitcoin’ It only contains the keys that will allow you spend your bitcoin.






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