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Ethos (ETHOS): A Universal Wallet For Your Digital Financial Future

This is a wallet app and platform that acts as a hybrid ecosystem to bring digital and traditional wallets. As a result, the Ethos wallet gives you a complete view of a decentralized financial future.

The Ethos wallet is unlike any other in existence. This is because it offers one of the best social (mobile first), hot wallets for the purpose of safely and securely accessing multiple assets on multiple blockchains.  The unique wallet is truly superior to the rest as it enables efficient management of your crypto assets.

Ethos makes the blockchain as a whole more secure by providing a versatile storage option. The process is simple and involves registering your personal/ business name then you receive a branded wallet domain. This domain can transact any coin supported in the wallet.

Moreover, a simple name replaces the rather scary cryptographic address, synchronized with Blockchain transactions.  Finally, there is a verified wallet domain. This helps in letting others verify your identity during interactions.

It goes without saying that Ethos runs on Ethereum blockchain as well as most of its services. That said, Ethos is not an exclusively blockchain based company. A significant part Ethos services are available as standard web interfaces with several servers doing the hosting.

The advantage of this outsourcing is that Ethos is more scalable and manageable. Notably, Ethos is a private company that functions as a coin exchange and wallet. As a result, there are some components of the project that are not fully decentralized.

Ethos Exchange Services

Ethos doubles up as an exchange service provider. This is essential to its mission of becoming a wholesome asset management solution.  As a result, you can transact and trade instantly for any supported cryptocurrency using Ethos coin as the network liquidity.

Ethos ICO and History

Up-to November 2017, this project was called Bitquence.  Investor interest in the project grew steadily after the ICO in July 2017. The token sale distributed 30% of Ethos tokens to the public.

Notably, 19 year old Brown university student Shingo Levine is the Ethos coin creator but in true innovation genius, he assembled a competent team of financial and technology experts to aid him in management and development.Ethos is available on major exchanges like Binance and Coinspot.


The foundational idea for this coin is brilliant and if well executed could open the world of digital currency to an entire segment of retail investors. This is contingent of course on the release of a stable working product and from there the Ethos coin could take off.

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