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FunFair Coin: How to Buy from Binance – eCoin4dummies

How to buy FunFair ERC-20 tokens should be as easy as buying other coins. This guide will explain what is FunFair coin, how to buy FunFair coin from Binance and later store them at Ledger Nano S.

What is FunFair Coin

FunFair is a peer to peer platform that makes use of Ethereum blockchain. It is specifically designed for the gambling or casino industry. The creators of the Funfair platform solves traditional problems as slow performance, trust, and high operating costs. They do this by using internal blockchain properties and speedy fate channels.

Fate channels inbuilt in the FunFair platform and are the intellectual property that makes possible the security and distribution of casino services. This is the source of confusion for many.  To elaborate, Funfair the company is not a casino. Instead, casino companies that want to make use of Funfair smart contracts can obtain licenses from the platform.

This is how FunFair Operate:

A company or an individual can obtain a license from the FunFair platform. Thereafter, he/she can launch a digital casino within minutes. It’s the unique features of the FunFair platform as flexibility and an easy interface that attract users.

Through off-chain Fate Channels, the platform enable people to enjoy the benefits of blockchain like speed and efficiency. On the other hand, Fate Channels—a medium where all games run on—facilitates easy communication between the gamer and the casino. It is where smart contracts for bets are executed once certain conditions are met. Fate Channels are off Ethereum network meaning the user by-passes common network problems as occasional clogging or high gas fees.

FunFair Coin (FUN) – How to Buy

Since FunFair depends on the smart contracting ability of the Ethereum network, FUN is a token. It is also compliant with the ERC-20 standard. FUN token is native to the FunFair ecosystem. The token is used for settlement purposes, reception of game credits and literally everything that happens in the platform.

FUN is deflationary by design with a total supply of 11 billion. Because of this, its value should rise in coming days. Interested investors can buy FUN tokens from different exchanges. However, investors must first buy Bitcoin or Ethereum. To buy FunFair tokens, we recommend Binance. Simply sign up, get proper verification, deposit ETH or BTC and exchange them for FUN tokens.

Suitable FunFair Wallet

Security is important when investing on any token or a coin. FUN are ERC-20 tokens meaning any hot or cold wallet that support Ethereum tokens are suitable. MIST, MyEtherWallet are some alternatives but we suggest spending around $120 on a secure Ledger Nano S. It is a hardware wallet where you can store other coins other than FUN.

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