GoChain: A Faster, Better and Ethereum Compatible Smart Contracting Platform

GoChain describe itself as a better, faster and 100 percent compatible smart contracting platform where projects can deploy their decentralized applications from. Through the GoChain platform, developers and projects get to enjoy the benefits present in Ethereum but at a bigger, better and greener scale. With a verified throughput of 13,000TPS, the platform is one of the fastest in the space. The main advantage is that the platform is angled towards conserving the environment.

Who are GoChain Partners

The GoChain platform has a robust code base and uses Proof of Reputation mechanism for consensus. It launched back in May 2018 and with a clear objective to decentralize, eliminate attack vectors, the network has received a further $100 million. That's aside from collaborating with several projects seeking to leverage the network as they crowd funds.

As a matter of fact, GoChain is one of the few blockchain platforms to offer private network. It has so far secured a partnership with Microsoft Azure. Besides Azure, they offer fundraising, marketing and technical expertise to Linkchain–a supply chain project that rely on blockchain technology for efficiency, transparency and security. For enterprise adoption, the platform shall launch Apache 2.0 Licensed Rewrite.

Benefits of GoChain Platform

Unlike most smart contracting platforms as EOS and Tron for example, GoChain has in place decentralization plan in place. To avoid centralization, the platform forces node to exist in different jurisdictions. At the same time, these nodes should be ran by unrelated companies/group. Aside from decentralization, GoChain has a high throughput–13,000 TPS– meaning smart contract execution is fast. What’s unique about GoChain is that their smart contracts are pausable. Additionally, it can be readily upgradeable just like ordinary real-world contracts. Besides, since they use a Proof of Reputation mechanism for transaction validation, full nodes require less energy than other systems as Bitcoin.

Supporting Exchanges and GoChain (GO) Price

GoChain Price

At spot rate, the native token of the GoChain platform (GO) retails at $0.028029. It is up 3.93 percent at the time of press. Before purchasing go, you have to first buy Bitcoin or ETH from crypto–fiat on-ramps as CoinBase or BitFinex before transferring them to GO supporting exchanges as Binance, UpBit or Kucoin. Thereafter you can transfer your GO tokens from the exchange’s wallet to MyEtherWallet or to GoChain official wallet.

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